Frak & Frakking

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  • IMHO

    Fans of Battlestar Galactica may know that those two words are used a lot in the series.

    How did they get away with it when it so obviously just another word for f**k?

    It's also used a lot on this forum but that's another topic.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    If I recall, Frak and Frakking were used to describe two not very attractive women in a long time ago politcal affair. Perhaps Nelson Rockefeller. Oh, it is Frk and Frak. wikipedia time. National sensations until they blew over. I thought they were attractive. Heck, I found Linda MCCartney attractive. Not drop dead beautiful as Jean or Chrissie Shrimpton but attractive.

    Yoko I have never found attractive. I hate her less but unattractive remains in so many ways.

  • JRK

    And then Yoko tried singing, the rest is history . . .


  • Twitch

    Who gives a frakking gods damn?

    Hmmm, possibly offensive, definitely cheesy

  • darthfader

    When I hear the work "fracking".. I think of breaking rocks far under ground with high pressure water and chemicals to release methane and other gases for a fuel source... but again Im a bit in left field :)

  • Glander

    Not to be confused with "frag" and "fragging". This is when a fed up subordinate throws a grenade into his commanding officers quarters while he's asleep.


    "Ray Franz fragged the Governing Body when he published "Crises of C....." "

  • IMHO

    Then again the experts will tell you that "Flip" and "Flipping" mean the same but they don't have the 'offensive' connotations. Probably because ending in 'p' gives it a softer sound.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I was thinking of fractals:

  • Twitch

    Fractals are frakking cool. The classic Mandelbrot set, for your ocular pleasure,...

    Hmmm, can't embed pics for some reason. Damn you IE, damn you.

  • Twitch

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