On Sat in Kitchener,

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  • mouthy

    I dont care what they think.... I will give them all a smile.
    I love them so much....I hope it will shine through. No Mary I wont even look at you
    It is mostly the folks passing by I am interested speaking to...Every time I have picketed
    I have many who the JW call on.& they dont know what to say!!!! So I give them my card
    "The Record"is going to be there.They have done a couple of newspaper showings of me
    many years ago.......Many of the JW's might remember me. I was an excellent
    JW,Many of the Brothers told me."Pity your not a man you would be an elder."
    So here I am still a woman & an Elder!!!!!
    The bloke I am with has two big signs .If you google my name you will see
    when we picketed Halton Hills Bethel. He is holding them at that one....
    Also Lawrence Hughes was with us then...I really dont care if you agree what I do
    I am FREE!!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!I can do as I want ,as long as I dont hurt them .
    I know it will hurt their feelings. But i pray the kids will ponder about us. Last time
    the kids stuck their tounges out!!!!Poor little souls, The Org as them well trained.
    But I believe "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams"

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Good for you! I like that you seem to be a happy person and doing this because you care. I remember as a kid in New Haven Co they pickeded but they all looks angry and they scared me. I think your caring face will shine through. Are you going to hand out anything to those that want it? Good vibes going to you frome me. If i was in the area I'd join you!FS

  • mouthy

    Thanks foundsheep,No I only give my card ,that says "do you need a friend
    For Jehovahs's Witnesses & Ex Jehovah's."""( has my tel # on it & my weebly page)
    But I dont offer them, as it would get them into
    trouble...I dont want cause them FEAR!!!!I know when I used to see the picketers,I
    wouldnt evn look at them... I would just pray they would come to Jehovah LOL
    Thank God !!!!!!Jehovah kicked me out !!!!!!!!I now think they should listen to the SON!!!!!!

  • truthlover

    You will give us an update on any results?? Please!

  • yalbmert99

    Good luck mouthy, we didn one in Quebec on june 25th but we where only 5 protesters....

  • mouthy

    will do truthlover

    ylb.....there is only two of us....Many think it is useless.
    But i know 2 who came free from us "nuts"doing it.

  • Paralipomenon

    I tried to reorganize our schedule so we could drop by with some cold lemonaid and friendly faces to support, but we have a family event from 10:00-11:00. Not enough time to get there after.

    I know I gave Rick an blast for his appearance at a protest, but I'm not against protests at all. In my opinion, they can be quite effective if done with a bit of planning.

    One suggestion I have would be to call local news outlets and let them know you are protesting the assembly, what time and why. If you can get some press it might work as a two edged sword. Witnesses may have already contacted the press hoping to get a favorable puff piece in the news, and if witnesses observe those "dirty apostates" talking to the press, you can bet they will be watching the news to see what was said.

    Forgive me, I haven't seen what message you plan to protest with, but given your posting history, I don't see you as protesting with hate language which can be important. Sensationalised messages are easily dismissed.

    Think of me next year, I'll come protest with you.

    PS. I think a great message would be to expose the money making structure of the assemblies, especially protesting at a WT assembly hall. If they read that message, then go inside and listen to the afternoon accounts report, they just might start to wonder why the expenses are so high and do a bit of research online to see if there is an answer. We all know what happens when witnesses start looking for answers online.

  • mouthy

    The Bloke I am doing it with.did it last weekend alone.
    He has a sign showing where the Org,used to teach
    that the blacks were going to turn white.Has the Wt date etc
    He said there were many blacks reading the sign .
    Just hope they do research....I remember that when I was IN.
    Then when Micheal Jackson started to be black & white,many were
    so happy it was starting with him LOL.

  • Paralipomenon

    Mouthy: That's a fantastic message!

    It would be great to dress up in 1940's outfits and protest the witnesses using slogans from back then. I'd love to protest the current witnesses' disgusting use of alluminum, lol.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Millions now living will never die!

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