Anyone here from Oakville and/or Ancaster, Ontario?

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  • Mary

    Welcome to the board! I know some Dubs in the Ancaster area and you're right, they're a bunch of elitist snobs as are the ones in Burlington......

  • Ontario_guy

    I am sure the ones you know are the ones I am referring to lol. Feel free to msg me

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Mary, As a worldly person I can't really comment on how the cong behaves as I only go to memorials and they have given up on lovebombing me! But I have made the following observations!

    Someone seriously needs to take the elders, nay the whole male congratation to a decent tailor! Bad fitting suits, poor quality and as for the shoes well there is not much hope.

    I have not even started on the ties.

    There is occasionally the odd exception but it is a rare event!

    If these lot are snobby and elitist then I am big trouble! My wife calls me a snob but I call it standards!

    Suits - Tailored or a decent name that has shape and fit and doesn't look like a square box.

    Shoe - Churches, Loakes, boss or a baker but leather soles and properly sized.

    Shirts - no buttons on the collar and no pockets on the chest plus french cuffs.

    Tie- Double windsor knot.

    As for the rides I have seen a couple of benz but nothing special and most of them seem to be drive cheap american cars or toyotas with the camry being the car of choice! I suppose they don't suffer from insomnia!

  • mouthy

    Well Married to the Mob. Let me tell you why they dress so poorly.
    A lot of them ( like I was when I was in) had to do housecleaning to
    make a living...We were not allowed to go to second hand shops as
    most were run by the Salvation Army or other religions/ So the stuff
    would be demonized. Just my two cents worth.... I feel so sorry for them

    all .Although eventually I did get a great job as an assitant to Buyers at the Bay
    But gave that up,to go preach the big A was coming in 1975

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Thanks for the enlightenment mouthy, but I am a little at a loss as to how one can be snobby and elitist when your dressed no better and have no more privelige than the brother next to you. Not everyone can be an ms or an elder!

    Delusions of grandure?

    If its a case of they are lording it over their job, business etc, well isn't that just pride? And we all know what pride comes before.........

  • mouthy

    YEP A FALL!!! That is what I am praying for.those who have been appointed as "special"

    Many of them realize they are being hypocrites,by teaching something they cannot do themselves

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Hi MttM. The reason they feel better when denigrating others is because of the closed social group they reside in. They only have each other to compare to. I myself have very nice, well-fitted suits (altering usually costs another $30 on top of the $300-700 I spend on suits FYI) and when I enter some praise me (or my wife) for the nice looking suit and some are jealous making remarks about my job or my wife working.

    The funny thing is that the CO's are usually nicer dressed (Armani on the inside pocket is not unusual and I know very few in my circuit that can dish out $3000 every time he comes around) and nobody says something. Just goes to show you that not everyone is equal in the society. Money means power, showing your money is a good way to get ahead (as illustrated by the baffoon in my congregation that became MS 6 months after baptism simply because he is very well endowed).

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    I wouldn't waste your time! They are more than capable of doing that on their own!

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Anony Mous - you have a very valid point in that they can feel better lording it over other in a small closed group because there is less chance they are going to get trumped! BUT, how does that help them? All it does it make them similar to ron burgundy from anchorman when he announces he's kinda a big deal!!

    I should point out that that its not about the money or the name but more how it looks. an armani suit is great but if it doesn't fit you and makes you look like a greasy second hand car salesman then it aint working!

    As for dropping money and it getting you somewhere that is common to all walks of life be it inside or outside the WBTS but remember that whilst money talks, talent walks!

  • Ontario_guy

    I am just really tired of it, thats all. I see it all the time and really starting to burn my ass!

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