my take on this weekends Assembly

by TheLoveDoctor 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • MrDarkKnight

    This summer I will be missing the District Convention for the first time in 38 years. My 12 year old son went with his mother. He called me up and was able to give me the highlights of a three day program in five mintues! On the one hand I was impressed that he was able to grasp what he heard and only share with me what he considered to be "new light". On the other hand, I marveled at how "dumbed down" the presentations have become and yet how enthusiastic folks are about attending.

    I am really glad that I am not going. I just can't fake it anymore.

  • punkofnice

    I was in the process of waking up when I went to my last 3 day A$$€mb £¥. I fully woke up after I heard the stupidity of 'overlapping' generations.

    Honestly, the FD$ are a self telling joke!

    Of course there were thos that lapped it up as if it made them feel important for 'knowing' this New Light TM.

    I'm sorry for anyone that has to suffer any JDub A$$€mb£¥.

  • baltar447

    We will also be missing our first DC this year. Although I wouldn't say we'd be MISSING it Bob!

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