I kinda hope my wife finds out about me

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Our CO recently used the phrase "The Slave" seven times in his Tuesday night talk.

    Does it seem to anyone else that this "Slave" is the one now wielding the whip?

  • DesirousOfChange

    She also seems to get the idea that many in the congregation are still in position (elders and pioneers) although they are bold-faced liars (about their behavior as well as their time reporting) but she seems to think the CO is going to do something about it next time he comes. The funny thing is, he won't,

    This is what started my doubts -- the appointing of unqualified elders "by Holy Spirit" -- and I now know of others with similar thinking, as well as how often it is mentioned on this board. To me it seems that the standards for appointments are in the basement. And they are even lower when it comes to considering the removal of an elder. They will attempt to cover up or cover over any mistakes made by elders to keep from having to remove them. (The exceptions being sexual indiscretion and apostacy -- both will get you the quick axe!) There are just not enough qualified men willing to serve anymore. Look around any congregation -- there are more "former" elders than elders. And these guys are NOT reaching out to serve again. Burned out, pissed off, disillusioned, or they have had their eyes opened to the politics, hyposrisy, and bullshit.

  • Nickolas

    A good start. All the best.

  • flipper

    ANONYMOUS- Thanks for the update. I bet you felt like you wanted to explode. Or else slap the everliving $hit out of the speaker. I find it very interesting how desperate the WT society is becoming demanding " blind obedience " without rank & file Witnesses even blinking an eye. I mean it sounds as if even if the WT society wants them to obey even if the WT leaders are breaking the laws no matter WHAT they instruct followers, it's " obey us or else ". Cults do this when they get desperate to retain members. I think that's happening now in WT land

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Pay some attention to how you serve up information.

    If you can, get her to do the research.

    Definately get her to do the explaining. Ask questions that steer her to where you want here to go, then let her do the talking.

    The words, "We are in a cult!, I don't believe it, That's silly etc.." should come from her ........... not you.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Listen to Black Sheep, Anony Mous.

    You can't TELL a cult member anything the cult personality doesn't want to hear. The cult member needs to find and discover it him/herself.

    STICK WITH the Family Worship Night arrangement and use ONLY the Bible without any Borg publications. Start training her to read what the scriptures SAY without loading on the cult-indoctrinated meanings. Don't jump right in with dozens of scriptures that the Borg ignores or misinterprets to support their own dogmas. Sprinkle them in now and then, here and there. Even when you do, DON'T tell her the Borg interpretation is wrong. Simply ask, "what do these verses say?" If/when she tells you what the Borg taught her they MEAN, simply say, "not what they MEAN, what do they SAY?"

    If you are already a suspected apostate, it's nearly too late to try this. But over a period of many months it finally worked with my wife. One night during Family Worship Night we were reading and discussion John chapter 14. You could see the light go on behind her eyes when she realized that the Bible says JESUS ANSWERS PRAYERS HIMSELF.

    It may be a minor theological point but it is a HUGE step when you see your spouse comprehend and accept that the Bible says things contrary to what the Borg says. Once that chink is in the armor, keep gently chipping away. Ask questions. Lead the discussion with questions. Let her come to the conclusions.

    I can't say it's foolproof but it worked for me. My wife and I got out together. Family Worship Night with straight Bible reading was one of the key tools I used. It can be effective because you are obeying the FDS by doing it; you can do Family Worship Night without ever letting on you're mentally fading. I had to keep on doing it for almost a year after I was mentally OUT, pretending all the while, to make sure my family came with me. It's a sacrifice I would gladly make again.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I'm not sure I can go the Bible route, she doesn't attempt to understand it, she merely follows whatever she is supposed to believe (she previously said "I just follow what is said, I don't really care, I have my own thoughts on some things"). She KNOWS that the religion is wrong on some points and has admitted basically that she's only there for her family and friends. She KNOWS it can't be Holy Spirit guiding them, especially after today, she (and everyone else there should also) KNOWS shit changes every day in that religion, they have today admitted they were wrong right from the stage.

    I still had to point it out to her, look, they just said this has changed and they quoted the publications where you can see the differences and then they admitted they are not sure about the 10 toes (they used the word "Apparently" which I wrote down, underlined and they kept using it a couple of times). She looked at me with a quizzical look, fear w/ watery eyes (you're not believing?) and then as the word "Apparently" kept getting repeated in the talk enlightenment (brighter face, tilted head, hmm, my hubby is right).

    The JW's these days are conditioned. They are conditioned to think they are 'free' to think whatever they want but you should not think on whatever you take in if it comes from the Watchtower. Not studying the WT way is a sure-way to die at Armageddon.

    She fears the repercussions however, she just wants to be there for her family I think. She is conditioned to think a certain way and that's what I have to break through. She is conditioned to think that whatever the bible says is too hard to understand for us (that's another thing they kept repeating this convention, you are too stupid to understand what is written, you need to study our publications), we need WT pubs and the light keeps getting brighter and everybody that doesn't agree is an apostate and will get disfellowshipped.

    The thing is I don't even believe the bible myself. No offense if you still do but it's full of illogical things.

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