I kinda hope my wife finds out about me

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So we had a 'special' visitor today in our hall, somebody from Patterson, young fellow with a wife. Off course I didn't catch that at first until he started name dropping in the first 5 minutes that he was from Bethel

    So he goes on rambling about how we live in the last days and blah-di-blah I refused to even pick up my Bible to follow along - wife prodding me to pick it up. Finally he goes to something in Hebrews that I found an interesting text, completely misinterprets it because he misses the context.

    My wife whispers the story about another guy who sits in our hall (lots of visitors today) that is grossly overweight. He apparently was a single CO once but got too intimate with the knowledge of some of his 'flock' so he got taken down. He also got pictures circulating of him on a Florida beach with a speedo and some sister accompanying him, doesn't surprise me anymore he never got DF'ed. He's grossly overweight, barely fits in the seat, picturing him in a speedo .

    Then the topic goes over listening to Jehovah's direction. Quote from memory: "So does Jehovah speak to us directly through the bible? No, Jehovah's direction comes through the Faithful & Discreet Slave and they are to be obeyed since they have the direction". I start nodding no, wtf, there are non-Witnesses here too. "Even if we sometimes don't understand which way we're going we follow the direction of the Faithful & Discreet Slave". Goes over Moses and the Red Sea, Israelites didn't understand why they were being directed by Moses that way. I think, well if you read your bible you should've known they were guided by a column of smoke during the day and a bright light at night, not by Moses.

    He also was going over some experiences and going well over time with his part by now. The experiences in Malawe (sic) about them receiving their (NWT) Bible. Out of thanks one of the mothers that was highly pregnant named their baby boy born next day "Loesch" after the GB member that gave them the Bible. Rwanda - apparently some elder got the info on an attack that was coming, he warned his brothers and tried to rescue them and some didn't listen - they lost their lives so it was their fault for not listening.

    He finally finishes up with saying "You can't make it into the Kingdom without following the direction of the F&DS". I finally muffle out "bullshit" in the middle of the KH. My wife "What was that, what did you say?". Whoops.

  • NewChapter

    The wandering Israelites didn't have a bible to refer to. Apples and oranges.

  • RayPublisher

    This stuff gets sicker and sicker every day week and month. They are ratcheting up the FDS FDS FDS FDS FDS fervor like crazy. Our CO recently used the

    phrase "The Slave" seven times in his Tuesday night talk.

    ANYWAY, by the title of the article, "I kinda hope my wife finds out about me" it sounds like maybe you haven't had "the talk" with her yet. Sooner or later you got to man. She's your wife...

    Just don't do it the way I did lol.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    I finally muffle out "bullshit" in the middle of the KH. My wife "What was that, what did you say?". Whoops.


  • mochamint22

    that is the funniest ish ever!! i love it. i really like this site because hearing everyone's experiences and points about how ridiculous the org teachings and comments make it even easier for me to have walked away.

  • AwareBeing

    Where we're from, a lot of the elders themselves are on that level. One time a middle age man said:

    "Bull pucky!", while a local elder was on a FDS ti-raid and it's rules. And those around him heard it,

    and snickered under their breaths! Another time an older man who was hard of hearing, use to talk loudly

    during the talks. Only trouble was, he had a knack for poor timing. Can you imagine how perturbed

    the elders were, that every serious talk became a comedy show! Some of this man's phrases were:

    "Huh! What was that? , What did he say? I see his mouth moving but I can't make a sense of it,

    What did he say? Was it important?" Most in the hall heard these comments regularly,

    since strict silence was enforced at that hall. Sometimes, the speaker had to include him into the talk

    by answering him back with a: "Why yes!"

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I've had a 'bible study' with my wife yesterday. I finally got on the subject of the Governing Body and failed predictions. She hasn't forgotten yet about what I told previously about Russell and the pyramid I showed her from the Studies of the Scriptures in the KH library as she brought it up herself. She still gets stuck in the 'brighter light' mindset which I can work on as soon as we get to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    She seems to understand that I am a doubter and she even asked me if I don't believe it anymore. I said "I didn't say that" because her having very good ties with her elder family is dangerous. She also seems to get the idea that many in the congregation are still in position (elders and pioneers) although they are bold-faced liars (about their behavior as well as their time reporting) but she seems to think the CO is going to do something about it next time he comes. The funny thing is, he won't, the elder in question is protecting his family and because his kids are minors he can use the 'rules' in his favor. The CO had already come but since then new information about wrongdoing has come out so she thinks the investigation is still ongoing. I'm not anywhere near the committee so officially I don't know about the internals but hey, in "God's" organization nothing remains secret for very long.

    She knows somethings amiss but she still has the idea that the Holy Spirit is going to fix it. Only time can fix that I guess. I need to get her to think critically now but I've got time.

  • mentallyfree31

    That's pretty funny!


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    oh man, i've been there some 7 years or so ago. i didn't believe any of the lie, but still attended meetings and wifey didn't know about it, just suspecting some things. finally i had to tell her, it was terrible, she almost had a nervous breakdown. but life started to get better afterwards, i started missing meetings, stopped field service and simply faded step by step. she then started to miss meetings too and now attends maybe 4-5 times a year. she's still a believer though, but she's doesn't like the "friends".

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    My wife found out about me (a little bit). I didn't say I'm an "apostate".

    -Did you like the drama.


    -Well, why not. Are you saying you don't believe anymore?

    -I do believe in the bible but there are certain things I can't accept and teach my family anymore.

    She almost cried. She now knows a bit about why I'm trying to avoid meetings. But then she got calm and accepted it.

    We left around 5:30 and had a discussion in the car until 8:00 about the message at the convention, 1914, overlapping generation, blood, hemopure, evolution, disfellowshipping, holy spirit, spirit directed organization, judicial committee's, holy spirit appointments of elders & servants.

    She doesn't know anything about 1914 or the overlapping generation, doesn't understand it, doesn't really care actually. She thinks I'm wrong about the current generations as thought by the WTBTS, she had a more plausible explanation (the generation simply being all anointed ever, they won't pass away simply meaning they'll be in paradise) that would've worked but doesn't set an end-time for the end. She actually said: I think blood is a conscientious decision, the elders shouldn't meddle in your decision and she'll make a decision on it when she needs to. She wouldn't mind if I make a conscientious decision not to be an elder or servant anymore.

    I'm allowed to bring some proof of what I say to the family study. I'll bring some Watchtowers off course. We had a bit of discussion about the resurrection of my unborn child (with my ex). She thinks I'll have 2 kids in the paradise, she feels that a loving God would do that (let's see what the WTBTS flip-floppers say (yes, no, yes, no - playing with somebody's feelings like that is evil)).

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