Parallels to The Borg in movies?

by fade_away 17 Replies latest jw experiences

  • MrFreeze

    Shawshank Redemption. Crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side.

  • whathehadas

    They've been mention but I think these movies had the biggest Parallels to me. The Village, Equilibrium, Matrix, and believe it or not Blade(the first one). All these movies have in common is a central controlling force, whether its the supernatural or by Human means, and there is a individual or group of individuals that are defying the authority. They all start off with the protaganist being manipulated and decieved to believe in a world that doesn't really exist. Once the "real Truth" is revealed to them, they start to rebel and make a stand.

  • talesin

    ummm,,, B'Org = star trek TNG

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'll put my vote in for The Village as well. It's a good movie even without the parallels.

  • fade_away

    Wow, it's amazing to see how many people here like The Village. IMO, that movie is one of the worst movies of all time.

  • Pistoff

    I think The Village is possibly the best; maybe only 1984 more clearly represents the mind control of the WT and other restrictive faiths.

    The Village does it by means of a story, and also deals with why faiths retain the 'incentive' aspects of the belief system, the consequence of disobedience.

  • Nickolas

    I watched The Villiage last night, inspired by this thread. If that's what being in the Watchtower is like (I'm not) then it is a scary place indeed.

    IMO, that movie is one of the worst movies of all time.

    I didn't get that impression. It is unique in its pretext with good cinematography and is well acted. Not great, but ok.

  • AwareBeing

    My focus on "The Village" was:

    1) that they were living in the past,

    2) the leaders had changed the dates of their generation,

    3) they were teaching from out dated books,

    4) their community was isolated from the outside world, and

    5) any thing that compromised their beliefs newer made it over

    the walls to the young people that grew up there.

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