Has there ever been any research conducted on JW suicide rates?

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  • Scooby-Doo

    ... and if so, could you provide me with a link to the results?

    I've read on-line that the suicide rate for JWs is 4X that of 'worldly' people. That figure doesn't sound too shocking to me, and I'd expect it to be even higher among teens... especially those who would be already considered 'at risk' even without the JW element.

    But i still haven't seen any actual published statistics. I've Googled but nothing came up and I've searched a few threads here but couldn't find anything, though i may have missed something.


  • Quendi

    That is a very sobering question, Scooby-Doo, and certainly deserves valid research. I would have a personal interest in learning the answer myself since I lost my best friend to suicide twenty-five years ago. Might I suggest that you call the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses? The reason for my suggestion is that I heard that there was once a "suicide desk" there to counsel those who had lost loved ones in this way or to give some help to those who might be considering it. If there is such a resource in Brooklyn, perhaps they might have the information you are seeking. If so, I hope you will share it here on JWN.


  • discreetslave

    I don't know any stats it would be interesting to find.

    I attempted suicide as a JW while at bethel but before becoming a JW I had attempted suicide due to circumstances at non JW home.

    I don't know about Patterson or Walkill but Brooklyn has a room set up like a psych unit and there is a psychologist on staff. I heard there is another one after I left but I can't verify that. I use to clean the pharmacy at bethel and what finally helped me get over shame about using meds if I needed to was seeing lithium and anti-depressants on the shelf.

    I know # of people with mental health issues they've all said they had these problems before becoming a JW. Being one has not helped them since therapy is looked down on. I did my best to encourage those who needed help to get it.

    Commenting on Haggai 2:7 “‘And I will rock all the nations, and the desirable things of all the nations must come in; and I will fill this house with glory,’ Jehovah of armies has said"; my husband said how loving that Jehovah calls all in the organization who suffer from mental illness desirable. At the time I agreed now it makes me sad that those who truly need help are taken advantage of.

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    breakfast of champions

    Would 'conscientious objection' to blood transfusions be included in this suicide rate?

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