What's the thinking behind calling yourself 'Apostate'?

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  • Essan

    It might cause cognitive dissonance Mad, if it ever got that far. But I suspect most JW's would click on JWN, see people openly calling themselves 'Apostates' (they might as well call themselves 'Servants of Satan', as far as a JW is concerned) and immediately leave.

    The Society created a psychological trigger, a strong 'mind-control' conditioning tool in the label 'Apostate'. By using it we pull that trigger on JW's fearfully peeking at JWN for the first time. Or that's my concern.

    For instance, I know I'd never feel able to recommend a believing JW go to JWN. Not in a million years. Primarily because of the liberal use of 'Apostate' here. I could never use this site as a tool to help someone exit, largely for that reason.

  • cantleave

    Whatever you term you use to decribe the situation you are in will require some acknowledgement of Watchtower vernacular.

    Take for example Ex-Jw. That means ex Jehovah's Witness - were we ever witnesses for Jehovah?

    I was stupid enough to believe in the God Myth and thought I was representing him, when in fact I was just serving an organisation. By using the term Ex-JW I am still acknowledging my stupidity and giving them power by saying "yes I served you and now that's how I see myself, as an ex-servant".

    By taking their most vile label and applying it to myself I am in effect saying, "screw you, I want to be you enemy".

    I'd rather be their enemy than just their ex-servant.

  • nugget

    great post new chapter, it made me smile. No one Df'd by the society is an apostate not really, they themselves are the greatest apostates there are. However the word has no power to hurt or offend me it only means I had the ability to recognise the madness and they couldn't keep me under their thumb. People here have redefined the word, they own the new definition and couldn't care less what the socirty thinks.

    If they want to call me it they can they do not even cause a blip on my emotional radar these day.

  • Essan

    I understand Cantleave, but by using it we also make ourselves the enemy of all JW's. People who are deceived. People we could help. But who are too afraid to listen to us because we are 'Apostates'.

  • cantleave

    The truth is Essan, until those deceived are ready to listen they won't. In fact if you try to show them the light they will label you apostate anyway.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't feel like JWN's purpose is to deconvert active JWs and so I'm not really worried about faithful uber-Dubs who come here and flee because they see "apostates."

    JWN is for its members - that's us. We can help people who are searching and willing to listen and learn - already questioning to an extent. We can help people who have been victimized by the Borg and are looking for people with similar experiences. We can't break cult mind control with a message board. The best we can hope for via this message board is to widen any cracks in the cult personality's armor that already exist; we're not going to create the cracks in the first place. Resistance of that sort is indeed futile.

  • clarity

    Cantleave ....

  • Essan

    So, would you say JWN is more of a...... rest and recuperation spot for traumatized Ex-JWs, and use of 'Apostate' is part of their therapy? LOL

  • cantleave

    It certainly is therapy!!

  • LongHairGal


    I don't call myself an apostate because I feel this is a stupid word and it is playing somewhat into the religion's hands. However, I am not necessarily ashamed of it either. It really has no power. I am an ex-JW. Besides, I was an apostate when I left the Catholic Church.

    So much for the JW religion's thinking it has the market cornered on the word "apostate". Other religions use this word as well.

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