Please post a comment on this assembly article in Fl paper

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  • outofservice

    This is a sickening one sided article in a Florida newspaper.

    I call upon all of you to please post a comment and state the real facts .


  • satinka

    Sounds like a commercial.


  • factfinder

    No mention of how the teachings and beliefs of jws ruin peoples lives.

  • TotallyADD

    I have been to many of those convention at that place. It is the most uncomfortable building in the world. It is made for 2 hour sports event not a all day sit in meeting. It's very cramped and hot in the afternoon. Got to love those mid summer conventions in FL. I know the brother from Ocala. He is a very nice person. I like how they say it is family oriented. Like the children look forwared to these things and there is all kinds of fun being there. This is the JW news department promo they give out to the newspapers, with hopes they print it. Totally ADD

  • NewChapter

    Maybe someone should tell the reporter what the theme "Let God's Kingdom Comes" means for HIM! I mean it sounds good, er...but, we will give you an interview today but when that kingdom comes we will rejoice as your body is consumed by vultures!

    Yeah, it's family oriented. If taking children into a large group of strangers to discuss masturbation, fornication, apostacy, and billions of people happily meeting their deaths and being eaten by birds is your definition of family oriented. Or maybe the family part about how their disfellowshipped parent or aunt is slated for death soon and we should pray for it to come all the sooner. Or maybe that family part about the hebrew god allowed his main enemy to kill all of Job's children just to prove a point. I'm sure their hearts warm, just as ours do, that those children were simply replaced and life went on as wonderful. Or that really sweet family part where 2 women stood helplessly by as their father offered them to a crowd to be raped and then watched their finaces killed and their mother turned into salt and they respond by having sex with their father. That's a special one.

    They learn about loving ancient Hebrew parents who actually had the privilege of casting the first stone when their child became too much to handle. God is really good that way. Abraham and Isaac. That unnamed prophet that turned his wife over to be raped and killed by strange men, and then cut her body in little pieces to be sent throughout the land. I kind of think of that move like a pimp advertising. Isn't the rainbow pretty kiddies? It only took the drowning death of an entire population to get that gift. Oh what about Dinah? I believe she was raped---but somehow when the WT gets hold of that story it all becomes her fault. bad association. You see, her brothers never would have slaughtered all of the men in the city if it hadn't been for Dinah's foolish association! Anyone see that dvd?

    I know I get all warm and fuzzy when I consider all the cannanite children slaughtered righteously by a loving god's people. Kids today are so deprived! They never get to witness stonings anymore. Well not here anyway.

    Hopefully most of them will be fussing with ties and uncomfortable tights for those parts.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Someone from Ocala area should write a "letter from readers" to the newspaper with a courteous, tactful reply stating facts about shunning; false prophecy; etc. Short and sweet (not Koolaid-Man style).

  • NewChapter

    I sent the reporter an email and invited her here.


  • Girlie

    I noticed in their facts section that they didn't mention how the FDS is the true mediator between Jehovah and mankind and how Jesus is really a nobody to them. Me wonders why they didn't bother to put that in there? I guess it doesn't look good for recruiting purposes.

  • factfinder

    @NewChapter- LOL!

    Very good points though!

    JWs do so much damage to individuals, and families. Of course there will be nothing written about that.

  • serenitynow!

    All the community cares about is the revenue that the JWs will bring because of the conventions. The convention center gets a free, thorough cleaning, hotels, restaurants and other businesses benefit as well. I think that is probably what is behind the favorable write-up.

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