How To Leave Jehovah's Witnesses Easily and Painlessly

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  • Daniel Metz
    Daniel Metz

    I have just thought of a way to leave Jehovah's Witnesses using information from the new Shepherd the Flock of God book. It's quite simply: rebaptism. Here are the steps:

    1) Tell two elders that you want to meet with them.

    2) When you meet them, tell them that your conscience has been bothering you for a long time. The reason is that when you listen to new ones who are preparing for baptism, you realize that you got baptized for the wrong motives (to please your parents, to be part of a group of people who impressed you, because a friend got baptized, etc.) and you have realized for a while that YOU NEVER MADE A PERSONAL DEDICATION TO JEHOVAH, even though you told the elders who did the questions with you that you had, and even though you said "Yes" at the baptism questions at the assembly. Your knew that it was a lie, but you were too embarrassed not to get into the pool and to tell the elders about your lie, so you went through with your baptism anyway. Now though, even though many years have past (and you may even have accepted privileges such as pioneer, ministerial servant or elder), you realize that your baptism was not really valid because it was not a symbol of a personal dedication to Jehovah.

    3) Tell them that conscientiously, you want to step down from the privileges that you agreed to fraudulently, and that you would like someone to study the Bible with you, using either Keep Yourself in God's Love book.

    4) What can the elders say? That you DID make a valid personal dedication in prayer but forgot it? Of course not. Only you know if you made that prayer.

    5) Have your study, but start expressing doubts that Jehovah will ever forgive you for your having lied to him.

    6) Stop service, go less and less to meetings, gradually skip your study, in other words, gradually drift away, WITHOUT having admitted to any other sin than having lied about having made a dedication years earlier, and without having to write a letter of disassociation.

    6) Your Witness relatives and the elders will look on you as just "weak".

    7) If they ask you if you still believe the truth, you can say: "Yes, I do, it's just that I realize that I was dishonest with Jehovah and didn't have the right to get baptized because I deceived the elders and deceived myself for so long that Jehovah would accept me anyway, because I served him so faithfully. But now I realize that my status is like any non-baptized Bible student. I will start my study later, but now I need to do some other things first."

    8) As long as they don't find out about any sin on your part, they can't disfellowship you. If your wife or husband is still a Witness, tell them: "Honey, just give me time and I will start my study again" (Maybe some of you can think of a better story to tell).

    Hope this idea helps those who want to leave painlessly but don't know how.

  • sizemik

    Nothing wrong with the reasoning Daniel . . . I think one or two here may even have done something similar.

    But painless? . . . I doubt it.

    Welcome to JWN

  • slimboyfat

    Yeah this will work... LOL.

  • daringhart13

    What the hell?

    How about walk out the door and never look back??

  • talesin


    What you're saying is logical. Almost Spock-like. ;)

    It seems like what the other posters are saying is logical as well. Just from a different POV.

    Spock, my life-long nickname, b/c of my overly logical, even solemn, POV.

    All through life, I've found my Vulcan heritage to be useful. It helps me maintain a balance, when I realize logic says the 'negative' things others do and say are rarely to be taken personally.

    Helpful too jedi training will be ... mighty the Force is, and humble the Jedi that relies on the Force. Strengthens the Force, humility does. ;)

    There mostly likely will be betrayal, drama, and some heartache to come. But you will weather it, and remember, you are not alone.

    Most importantly,

    freedom you now have!


  • talesin

    oh, and ...

    Welcome to the Forum !

  • cantleave

    As alwasy what may work in one congregational situation, may not work in another. I was the victim of a malicious CoBE who I had exposed as a liar and made an enemy of. He was determined that I was not going to be allowed to leave with dignity. Also as someone who was once an elder it would be very difficult to use the "my baptism wasn't valid" card.

  • steve2

    Daniel, Hi, looks like you've given the matter detailed thought. What gives? Have you gone through these steps to see if they work painlessly? Looks like this is your first post, but have you been here on this forum before? My opinion would be as follows: Any one cool or crafty enough to go through the steps you suggest is probably too capable to have been ensnared in the religion in the first place. On the other hand, if you've gone through those steps and they are as painless as you claim, tell us more....

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Step 7 should, in theory, let them off the hook. Nice plan Dan.

    Now, we need someone to try it out.

    It can't be me because they didn't manage to kick my arse into the pond.

    Welcome to the forum.


  • Alfred

    ...or you simply fade

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