Just found out a Witness works with me-ruined my day

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  • Quandry

    I work in an elementary school as a very low paid teacher's aide. Of course, most of the staff are teachers who are paid three times my salary and have at least a college degree, many with a master's. Every day I have to face the fact that I followed the "Godly wisdom" from the GB and didn't get higher education (except the degree equivalent from reading all the WTs and Awakes-I haven't gone to personnell to see how that would work out).

    This morning, a fellow aide that I rarely see was coming in the door at the same time I was. I asked if she was making plans for this summer. She said she was going to New York, and didn't say anything else. I asked if she was going to visit family or just a vacation. She said that she was going on a "Church trip." I pretty much knew at this point but went ahead and asked what religion...she said, "I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses." I told her that I was one for over thirty years but don't go anymore. I said I wasn't df'd so she could still speak to me. She just stood there, so I said, "See you later."

    I was so upset. It brings it all back again. I wanted to ask her if she didn't think it was just a bit disconcerting working for such low pay with no hope of advancement because of no degree, and at the same time encouraging children to get a good education, knowing that the WTS discourages higher education. I didn't...I just left.She is young and pretty and seems intelligent. So sad.

    I suppose she will speak to me in the future, if there is any job related issue that needs to be discussed.

    Argghhhh! At least tomorrow is the last day of school for the year, so I won't see her until next August.

  • NewChapter

    I'm sorry Quandry. I wonder how far we have to go before these things don't bother us anymore. I hope she doesn't decide to "encourage" you! And they claim there is no HELL!


  • LostGeneration

    You did fine, no need to go "all apostate" on her, especially if you will be working together in the future.

    Actually she will have something to think about when she goes to NYC, while she tours the factory in the back of her mind she will think of Quandry who left after three decades. It may be a seed that grows later on.

  • d

    I feel your pain, when I was going for my job interview I saw two Jw's and I might be working with them. But I will just have to deal with it.

  • Reality79

    I told her that I was one for over thirty years but don't go anymore. I said I wasn't df'd so she could still speak to me. She just stood there, so I said, "See you later."

    Yep, that sounds about right. Tell them you're inactive and they'll look at you like you just told a vulgar joke and their demeanor suddenly changes. Just remember, you don't owe her any explanations at all.

    Personally, if I know I have the misfortune of working with a witness then I've got nothing to say to the individual if it doesn't involve work matters. I'll be civil as far as it goes of course, but we ain't gonna be buddies. They couldn't be warm and friendly when I was in the "truth", I'm not gonna humour them in any setting.

  • sabastious
    I was so upset. It brings it all back again.

    I hear ya, it's hard to see them even if just in a work mate you rarely come across. There is something about the ones that choose the blue pill that makes me uneasy.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    From your description, it sounds like she's a fairly low-key JW. You had to practically drag her JW status out of her.

    1. You initiated the question re: summer plans.

    2. She could have easily launched into a "witness" but instead just said "New York.

    3. When pressed further, she used an expression that she probably wouldn't around JWs, ("church trip")

    4. When finally pinned down and directly asked "what religion?" she revealed her JW status.

    Doesn't sound like she's wanting to flaunt her JWism too much. Might be hope for her yet.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  • LV101

    YEAH - good point Open mind brings up about her evasiveness at first --- she's probably gun-shy and embarrassed a tad having to admit she's ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. i used to FORCE myself to let people know i was part of a group that talked/acted so strange about non-witnesses and other faiths. bet she'll be wondering how someone could leave after 30 yrs. sounds like you did great to me.

  • LotusFlower1

    It's wild how things like this can be so upsetting. Im sorry.

    I was telling a friend today about how I'm proud of my older sister for recently becoming a Zumba teacher. She was perplexed when I explained that higher education was strongly discouraged, and that my sister has been a waitress for 20 years. So Im proud that she took it a step further to become an aerobics teacher. Then my friend said how she knew of somebody (who is 6 years younger than me) who was a jw who went to the community college. THEN I had to explain how the society let up on their "rules" for a couple years but now they are strict again.

    I feel so ridiculous when I have to explain the moronic teachings of the jw's, and it still gets me so pissed off even though I've been faded for many years

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Hello Quandry. First of all, have a good summer break.

    Mrs P does a similar job to you.

    I was just thinking: this person is probably saying the same thing a JW forum somewhere.

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