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  • watersprout

    Hi Shel, (The greatest love and peace to you) I still have a tendancy to ''listen'' with my eyes... Sometimes I just need to ''see'' what it is I am asking or being taught... I am not as ''visual'' as I was 12 months ago. I am trusting more.

    I have noticed that I am becoming very spiritual...Leaving my flesh ''behind'' in my spiritual advancement! Lololol.

    I know quite a few who only ''see'' with their eyes and can't understand how someone ''sees'' with their ears.

    Peace my sister

  • poppers

    Well said, JamesThomas.

  • AGuest

    Dear WS, the greatest of love and peace to you! I understand what you're saying and my experience was similar (although "fast", for some reason).

    Dear Voices... the greatest of love and peace to you, too, dear one! I am not prepared to discuss your "theory" on the board right now, unfortunately. That is not to say that I can't/won't discuss it - I can and will, but not now, as my time constraints right now won't permit; however, if you can be patient, we can have that discussion at a later time), if my Lord permits. As for how one "eliminates assumptions and practices faith," I can only answer that such a lesson cannot be taught by someone like me. I can only share what I have done; however, as I've shared before, when I believed that I was doing something (exercising "extra" faith), my Lord corrected me and said that the faith I HAD... was what HE gave me. Perhaps, then, it's a matter of doing what the father of sickly son did... and that is ask for MORE faith where or if one thinks one is lacking. Faith is a "fruit" of the Father's holy spirit and He does not withhold that spirit from anyone asking.

    Keep in MIND, however, that one can ask all one wants to; however, if one truly does not WANT more faith (because one is afraid of what one WILL hear... in contrast to what one WANTS to hear), then there will be confusion. One example is a previous experience where you wanted to know about something... and was told the outcome. It wasn't favorable, as you knew BEFORE you asked (it was WHY you asked, as signs had already indicated). You didn't like what you HEARD... and so you wanted the outcome to be changed... and asked for that. Then, when the outcome began to occur just as you had been told, you grew angry, calling upon the "promise" that we would receive anything we ASKED for. For you, it was a change to the outcome. BUT... you had been TOLD. Rather than put FAITH in that, you chose to exercise a LACK of faith. Can you hear... and then ask to have what you heard changed... and then wonder as to faith, dear one?

    If we could change the TRUTH, then when my Lord asked for the "cup" to be removed from him, yet not HIS will but the Father's... shouldn't HE have received what he WANTED... rather than what was already true?

    Think on this, dear Voices. Think on who it is you wish to serve: Christ... the One who will speak the truth to you... or yourself and YOUR will.

    Again, I bid you the GREATEST of love and peace, and I AM your servant,

    A slave of Christ,


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