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  • Gorbatchov

    This weekend watchtower study at the KH had included a picture on page 31 (watchtower march 15).

    On the picture a sister is speaking / testify at a court.

    At the wall of the court chamber, there are 2 pictures of imaginal political leaders.

    Am I wrong, do I see a joke of the WTS graphic department? Because they are very similar to 2 governing body members.

    Fun ?!?

  • Mickey mouse
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Losch and Jackson yes?

  • cantleave

    Yes - I am not a believer of the subliminal images conspiracy theories, but this is strange.

    It's almost as if the GB are looking doen with approval, not god!

  • GOrwell

    I think this is set-up for Greece or Cyprus perhaps.. the ultra-orthodox Catholic, the Greek (to me) looking policeman. I love how the one cop has his hand on his gun - very telling. And of course, supposedly her husband behind her in court, but it's more likely a JW lawyer sent in to assist.

  • JeffT

    The police don't usually drive you to court, or if they do, they are no where near that polite.

  • Joliette



    Why is everyone in the court standing?

    I've been in lots of courts in different countries and the only time the public stands is when the magistate enters/leaves. not during a testimony.

    ahhh good ol WT - so full of real life depictions: like the WT in the early 90's with a photo of a homeless man living in a sewer ; everything was FILTHY ... but he had his dirty sneakers off next to his matress on the ground - he was laying on his back with his legs crossed so one foot was in the air: and his SOCKS WERE PERFECTLY WHITE

    i remember my BF's dad (who was not a Jw but came to meetings just to humor his wife) actually raised his hand during the study and pointed this out- everyone laughed their asses off.

  • Gorbatchov

    Yes, Losch and Jackson, the same I see in the picture--frames. This is great, isn't it? The graphic department

    must have had a lot of fun!!

  • FlyingHighNow


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