Does Anyone know what congregation RBC is?

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  • binadub

    I think this older post on your forum explains a lot of what I was looking for:

    What I was vaguely alluding to about WT sanctions was from a vague memory I have about some congregations that evidently do not legally belong to the WTS after the congregation pays for them, but my memory about it is vague.

    Incidently, although I rarely post on this board, the name "scully" often appears in my threads as though s/he is someone who evidently knows me.
    I have absolutely not the vaguest idea who s/he is. I only remember it because the name makes me think of a skull. Do I know you?


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The JW-RBC website is poorly constructed and definitely not future-proof (Silverlight and YAML). At this point not much information there, just trying to collect information from volunteers and a list of upcoming projects the volunteer is assigned to.

  • binadub

    Thanks everyone:

    I think poster Marvin Shilmer answer much of what I was inquiring about in this newer thread:

    Thanks, Marvin and Mad Sweeney!


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