Does Anyone know what congregation RBC is?

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  • binadub

    There seems to be some kind of a trend, I think of JW congregations separating from the authority of the Watchtower if the elders vote for it.

    I'm trying to get more information about what this is and whether or not the WT HQ sanctions is, ever.

    Thanks for any info,

  • munchausen

    I thought RBC stands for Regional Building Committee. This is the committee that organizes the building of new kingdom halls or remodel of an existing hall

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    ? Reginal Building Committee

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Any congregation that separates from WTS control would be closed down and any 'faithful' ones transfered to the nearest congregation.

    The KH would be sold and the proceeds transfered to the WTS. This was included into the deeds of KH's some years ago after a fiaso in the US.


  • blondie

    Regional Building Committee

    *** km 5/06 p. 3 Announcements ***

    Before undertaking a Kingdom Hall construction project—either new construction or renovation—the elders should contact their assigned Regional Building Committee. Regional committees have information that can assist congregations in making wise decisions, including the purchase of land and materials as well as other matters. It is prudent to consider suggestions offered by the regional committee before purchasing property and even items such as chairs, wall covering, carpet, and heating and air-conditioning equipment.

    *** km 2/92 p. 3 pars. 6-8 Joyfully Meeting the Needs of the Harvest ***

    Contact Regional Building Committee Early: When congregations are contemplating undertaking either a renovation or a new construction project, the local elders should contact the chairman of the regional committee at the inception of the project. The Regional Building Committees have been provided with guidelines by the Society, and these brothers have much experience that will assist in avoiding pitfalls when purchasing property and planning a building project. If they are kept fully informed of all projects in the area assigned to them, the regional committee can schedule volunteers so that all the projects are completed without overworking the skilled workers. Each Regional Building Committee maintains personnel lists and schedules the volunteers within its assigned region of operation.

    The guidelines provided for the regional committees include factors to be weighed carefully before purchasing property, such as federal, state, and city laws that govern a variety of situations affecting a Kingdom Hall project. Congregations can wisely benefit from the observations of the elders appointed to serve on the Regional Building Committee by contacting them at the outset, wellbefore any property is purchased.—Prov. 15:22. Elders may contact the Regional Building Committee through the circuit overseer. He has the name, address, and telephone number of the chairman of the committee assigned to assist with Kingdom Hall construction in the area of the congregation.

    *** km 12/87 p. 4 Anticipating the Needs of the Harvest ***


    In anticipation of the needs of the harvest, arrangements have been made for more Regional Building Committees to assist in the construction of Kingdom Halls. Positive results are being seen as capable men have become involved in organizing the work.

    Some committees have projects scheduled a year or more in advance. Obviously, much work needs to be accomplished in the days ahead. Although more Kingdom Halls are needed, it is preferable that skilled craftsmen not be asked to work with more than one Regional Building Committee. Many of the brothers have congregation and family responsibilities and these cannot be neglected. For the sake of maintaining proper balance in these and other matters, this seems to be the reasonable course. (Phil. 1:9, 10; 4:5, 6) It may be that some congregations planning to build will be asked to delay their project for a while so that the schedule for Regional Building Committees does not become overloaded.

    Each Regional Building Committee contacts the skilled craftsmen from withinitsownarea prior to the construction dates of a planned project, giving notice sufficiently in advance so that the volunteers can adjust their schedules accordingly. Careful planning has enabled Regional Building Committees to determine how many workers will be needed for each phase of a construction project. These are scheduled to arrive at the time that their particular skill is needed. Thus, they are fresh and ready to work when that phase of the project is to begin. When their services on a project are no longer needed, they return home and share in the local congregation meetings and activities along with their families.

    Regional Building Committees are continually training spiritually qualified brothers so they can assist in a meaningful way on future building projects. One Regional Building Committee reporting on the construction of a double Kingdom Hall over two successive weekends said that they followed the suggestion in the December 1986 OurKingdomMinistry insert about having only skilled help and local volunteers present. At no time were there more than 200 volunteer workers on the site. This worked very well and all were kept busy. No one worked through the night.
  • Scully

    RBC = Regional Building Committee.

    RBCs operate by mandate of the WTS.

    I'm surprised you didn't know this, ros.

  • yknot

    If anyone is good at 'hacking' or cares to share their 'priveleged' opinion here is the wts website for the RBC-builder assistant.

  • binadub

    Thanks for the replies, especially Blondie.

    The reason for my inquiry is that there is evidently a scandal going on, with elders being removed, evidently for not following the process, but evidently it is not an entirely unique case. If I understand the situation, certain other congregations were not held to the same criteria. The impression I get is that there are certain circumstances where the WTS has allowed some exceptions in certain areas or circumstances. It would be intersting to know.


  • Gayle

    binadub, you used the word "evidently" 3 times in one sentence. I, evidently, would need more information.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2


    You may be inquiring in response to a question about the Sacramento area Kingdom Halls that I submitted to an online Ex-JW group. The main story that has come to the front has been Menlo Park. Blondie's quotes describe the basics very well, but they obviously do not discuss the backroom politicking and manipulations that go on. They also do not describe the fact that in certain areas the local JWs do not want to give up their Kingdom Halls, they do not want to merge with another Hall several miles away, they do not want their elders removed, replaced, or reassigned. But the Watchtower, through the RBCs, just bulldozes over any local preferences. Many local brothers and sisters suffer in many ways (loss of elder privileges, inconvenience, travel expenses, etc.).


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