"I never thought I would come that close to my retirement in this old system of things"

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  • clarity

    Dear Busterrb... hang in there. Welcome to this site of broken hearts.

    There are so many of us who have stories so much like yours ... but don't let them win, it is never too late to breakout and actually have a life!

    You know the old saying - "It's not over till the fat lady sings"! Keep your chin up!

    The record of this organization is scandalous!

    This RIPOFF organization should be prosecuted as was Bernie MADEOFF (what a perfect name).


  • clarity

    Hoffnung ... thanks for bringing this subject up.

    Most of the older bro/sisters just kind of pretend that everything is ok ..... but that slouch of the shoulders isn't just from the rigors of old age ...... Worn out, depressed and finacially up the creek, is a pretty good description!


  • flipper

    HOFFNUNG- It is really sad isn't it ? I have two JW parents aged 86 & 84 who have been in the JW cult for 60 years now. They were promised they'd " never die " in this old system. Well, I think they are very surprised Armageddon never came yet. My mom told me when she turned 80 that she " never thought she'd turn 80 in this system ". ALL these Witnesses have been lied to and duped and deceived so the GB and WT leaders can have a good retrement - not rank and file Witnesses. Pisses me the hell off ! Bastards

  • wantarevolution

    i hear this comment pretty much all the time.

    My father said it to me at his mothers funeral 7 years ago

    my father said it to me when a long time friend died 2 years ago

    my father said it to me when another long time friend died last night.

    He retires in a month, and hopefully will wake up one day soon

  • 1975

    Hoffnung, you picked a very good topic for others to participate. Yesterday I went to my dentist and after greeting me, I said, don't ever get old, he laughed, it's impossible he said, however, he laughed, it was the thought.

    Getting old is not a joke. My Mom is 96 and she's lives in an elders lodge. My two other non-witness brothers frequently visit her, but not brother who is an Elder, what kind of joke is this? Over months, I have seen others depart from this lodge, (death) it's not a positive lodge to visit, only my two other brothers and I visit our aging parents, very, very sad.

    Personally, I don't want to be in my mother's position, not nice to say, however, that's my choice.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Busterrb welcome. Your story just broke my heart. It is just how JW's work so some reason.

    My husband was an elder in good standing conducting the school none the less when he had a major heart attack at the meeting. The body of elders let me his wife drive he alone to the hospital as to not draw attention to the hall by having an ambulance come. Only one elder visited me at the hospital during his first heart attack, on his second heart attack I was lucky in that two elders out of the ten we have came up to see him on different days. The COBE's or formally PO's wife told me that she could not visit me as she had to go out in field service the days he was in the hospital and I was a fellow elders wife to her.

    The body of elders had my husband back up conducting the school the next week after his heart attack as the rest of the body was to lazy to do it.

    The love of JW's is horrible.


  • Hoffnung

    Hi all,

    Thank you very much for the support. I would love to know how many of the olders ones in the congo's don't believe any more they will see the new system. The worst of it all that they never planned for anything, and still don't. Do nice stuff, enjoy yourselves a bit, as long as you still can!

    Busterrb, so sad, but so true. As soon as you do not show your face in the KH any more, you have become worse than worldly, no matter what the reason is. Solidarity, love and care are very expensive words in JW land. The fine shepherd in the bible would leave 99 sheep behind to find the lost one, taking tenderly care of it. 1 shepherd - 100 sheep. For JW, 5 elders are not able to look after 60 sheep. Even if 3 get lost, they don't notice it. And if they stumble by coincidence, or because of the harping of some others, over a lost one, the beating rod of guilt tripping is used with much generosity to make it goes back on its own force. Very rarely particular needs are understood, and even then, they are never adressed. A telephone connection to the KH is the very best they can do, and that only to beef up attendance numbers.

    So many fine people who spent all their good years for the society, are treated so badly when they turn older. heart-breaking is not strong enough as expression. Busterrb, thank you for sharing your story. This is the right place to get things of your chest. We all would like to hear more from you.


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