WSJ JW Smackdown on Editorial Page !

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  • steve2

    The Watchtower loudly trumpets its legislative initiatives that have won them court-sanctioned rights. They waste rno time in announcing to anyone who wants to hear how much they have furthered human rights. But let's not get too excited about the Watchtower's so-called role in promoting human rights. They haven't been interested in human rights at all; indeed they have little room for such rights, especially as they apply to individual citizens.

    The Watchtower is an archly hypocritical organization: Sparing no money to further its own interests in the High Courts and stifling individual rightswithin its local kingdom halls.

  • WTWizard

    This is what happens when you have a religion that demands everyone to work as little as possible and do as much for the religion as possible. You hear all the time at the a$$emblies where someone cut way back so they could pio-sneer. They had been doing well, but now they are barely making it. If enough people do that, you are going to have zilch to give to those truly in need.

    And they make it worse. To invest, whether in one's education or in hard assets, is "not trusting in Jehovah". All it successfully does is to ensure that people are going to become needy. These people are usually unable to pay much in taxes, because they consume so little aside gas and field circus supplies. The religion itself pays nothing. They are often on welfare because it opens the door to pio-sneer. (And the ones that go on welfare so they can pio-sneer, despite being capable of working and having the opportunity to be well off, ought to be ashamed of themselves.) To me, that is a blatant abuse of the welfare system--cutting back on work, depending on welfare, and then using the extra time to pio-sneer.

    That they drain taxes even more because they cannot have blood is even more shameful. I am not against reasonable measures taken to prevent the need of a blood transfusion. But, if one becomes necessary, take it. At that point, it will be cheaper in money and in hospital time (and in down time) to give the blood, despite the possible risks, than it would be to try and do without. Not taking blood can result in worse suffering, in the form of brain damage, rather than in saving the life. And this adds to the waste they already impose on society.

  • rebel8

    Good article--thanks for sharing it.

    This sort of productive public discourse reveals offensive cult behaviors and harms recruitment.

    I posted this on the Cult Prevention site.

  • steve2

    One needs to back up one's convictions with a willingness to foot the bill rather than expect the state to fund one's chosen beliefs. It's like 7th-Day Adventists protesting against some communities closing businesses and retail outlets on Sunday rather than Saturday and expecting the state to co-operate with the Adventists beliefs.

    The sheer hypocrisy of the GB banning members' "right" to both give and receive blood - yet allowing hemaphiliac JWs to receive fractionated blood donated by non-JWs is a scandal!

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