Kramer's dream of becoming a banker

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  • sabastious

    I was watching national geographic on that crazy Egyptian leader Ramases II (sp?). He lived to be 90 and all of Egypt hung on his every word. One day a neighboring nation was delivered a small stone tablet with writting on the front and back. It basically said: "You are getting too big; we're coming. - signed Ramases the Great" And they did come and the neighboring nation was wiped clean.

    It's true. They were getting too big. Too big for Ramases to stomache. The thing about Kings is they fantasize about their Kingdom after they're dead. That's why they build them so high and how they justify, in part, the slaughter of countless lives.

    It's all fear of losing yourself or legacy or whatever... it's still FEAR. Right now, this world lives and breathes fear so it's making the people who have allowed love to conquer their fears shine an illuminaries. They are all over the globe just like little fireflies.


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