"we need a support system to make it in thislife"

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  • finallyfree!

    thats what my pops told me after i was refuting false wt doctrine. "that even if im right about 1914 etc, that we need a support structure to get thru life..." hes older in years and their lives are surrounded by good jws. thats all they are is a social club for non-thinkers.

    ouff i cant stand this crap anymore. this poison is killing me slowly

  • WTWizard

    Suppose you hear of a gas service station--in fact, hundreds of them, where gas prices are zero. However, there are no stations now and this "gas paradise" could be more than 100 miles away. Is that going to do you any good if you run out of gas 100 miles or more away?

  • LouBelle

    They have many excuses to keep them tied to that faith.

  • sizemik

    JWN is a fine support system . . . far superior to the JW religion . . . invite him to join us and get some REAL support.

    However, we're a social club for active thinkers . . . may not be his cup o' tea.

    Don't drink in the poison FF . . . sadly your Dad seems to have signed up for the JW retirement scheme.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    It sounds like your dad doesnt REALLY believe the WT.

    I can understand that, after a lifetime in the cult, and especially if its "good" for them,


    their lives are surrounded by good jws

    then why rock the boat?

  • luna2

    We all have our illusions; things we believe, ways we think of the world. They may be accurate or they may not. Where JW incite so much anger is in trying to push their illusions on the rest of the world. If your parents are happy with their little fantasy, I'd let them be. Of course, I don't know if you have broken with the WTS or if you are hiding it and they will cut you out of their lives once they find out. Always the hard part for those of us to don't buy into their dream world any longer.

  • nugget

    yes a support system makes life joyful and easier but it JWs are not the sole providers of such a system nor can they say that theirs is superior.

    What you need is a support system that does not judge you, that is there for you in a very real sense. This can come through good friends who offer unconditional support. Once you give up one you can build another.

  • finallyfree!

    well right now im inactive, but i am very vocal in regards to how i feel about the org. ive already been warned by my parents that my talk is bordering apostate and i know theyll be obedient j-dubs when it comes to shunning but i know itll be hard on them. i sooo want to just send my letter in, and move on with my life but there is always that gun pointed at my head.

    the way i see it and the reality of things is that either i go back and everything goes back to normal for my family. this goes against my inner values and i know will never ever happen. or i could stay as is "inactive" and semi keep my family but always be skating on thin ice when around them, plus the way i see it, if ever i meet a nice woman who i one day end up building a life together with, i will lose my family then so why waste all the time inbetween?? i really really hate (i know its a strong word) the wts and how they come in between family members. its disgusting!

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    finally free:

    if ever i meet a nice woman who i one day end up building a life together with,

    i will lose my family

    Not necessarily. If you are considered "free" to remarry, then that will change nothing.

    I wasnt, and was DF in my absence. But then I have MY "nice woman" with me, so I really don't care.

  • finallyfree!

    jean-luc: unfortunately even if i am "free to remarry" i will not remarry amongst them so i will be diffed. plus i wouldnt go out and have a shotgun wedding either so id be "living in sin" until i really got to know her good enough to be able to commit to marriage.

    with the jw's ur darned if ya dont and damned if ya do.

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