Whatever Happened to The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures?

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  • Bobcat

    Here is a link that analyses the use of the Tetragram in the NT portion of the NWT.  The WT explanation is that where an OT citation included the Tetragram, the NT writers would have surely used it also. The analysis on the link provides some interesting conclusions that are hard to derive from just the KIT.


  • Phizzy

    Thanks Bobcat for the link. I just speed-read it, and so may have missed it if it makes this point, but it is evident that in most cases the N.T writers are using the Septuagint version when quoting from the Hebrew Bible.

    The copies of the Septuagint available for them to use in the 1st Century would not actually have contained the Tetragrammaton in a way that would allow the reader to use it, so the readers mind would have read Kyrios.

    The quotes they wrote down would therefore, simply have been penned using Kyrios, not some device that made the reader say "Kyrios" as in the Septuagint.

    It is as if I were reading a copy of an early 13th Century English manuscript that said "All that glisters is not gold" and yet the copy I had said to read "Glitters", not the older "Glisters", when quoting it, I would not use the anachronistic "Glisters", but I would write "Glitters", a word my readers were familiar with.

    The case for inserting "Jehovah" or any other version of YHWH into the N.T simply does not stand.

  • Bobcat


    Scroll down in the link to the sub-heading "A surprising discovery." There they mention that the NWT has God's Name 237 times, and the main reason given by the WT is that they are simply restoring it to OT quotations.

    The "surprising" part (according to the writeup), is that 125 of those 237 occurrences are not based on an OT quotation.

    JWs are being told that the WT is simply restoring the Divine Name where it had originally been in the OT quotation found in the NT. But in fact, slightly better than half of the insertions have nothing to do with the OT.

    Bobcat (with his new look!)

  • leaving_quietly
    I agree. The KIT (1985) and Emphatic Diaglott have been instrumental in helping me see the translation issues in the NWT, including the perversion of passages with Kyrios. While I haven't gone through every occurrence, even I, a non-scholarly person, can see the dishonesty involved. It's pretty simple to use the WT Library to search for a passage to see if the use of Jehovah in the Greek Scriptures is based on something from the Hebrew Scriptures. I've only done this a for a few instances as my study focus has not been on God's name, so it hasn't interested me to a huge degree. But the little I have studied on this convinces me of that the NWT translation committee is less than honest with handling God's name.

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