After leaving the JW's, why would anybody seek another religion

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  • Satanus

    Seeking another religion is the natural continuation of wt belief, ie, thinking, ok, wt is the wrong religion, i want to find the right religion. Most wjws go through this phase, i know, i did.

    Leaving the wt, i was still a 100% bible believer. I read a lot of christian history and became a generic christian, although i liked the pentacostal style. After a couple of yrs of that, my bible belief bubble was bursted, and i haven't been religious since then. I do a bit of spiritual type stuff, sometimes.


  • Satanus

    In other words, the belief that there is such a thing as THE right religion is a wt one. It might take xjws a while to leave this behind. Some don't, however.


  • moshe
    There is behavioral truth in Judaism, but it no longer provides redemptive truth.

    Truth you seek? For Christians faith trumps truth everytime. You might not believe this, but Christians have changed/ignored Jewish teachings (like original sin) in order to fit the playbook they have created for Jesus.


  • godrulz

    I am a Christian in the minority who also does not believe in original sin. I do believe we are all sinners. The link shows lack of understanding of incarnation/trinity.

    Jews are wrong to reject Jesus as Messiah. Regardless of Deity issues, this is a simpler starting point. A rejection of the NT leaves one with partial OT revelation *Heb. 1:1-3.

  • steve2

    A Christian who does not believe in original sin? Wow! You've gone up in my eyes for open-minded flexibility, but down at the same time for your ability to cherry pick your Bibilical beliefs. Next thing you'll be telling us you don't endorse the Jehovian genocidal rages of the Old testament. Where are my smelling salts when I need them?

  • godrulz

    I honestly desire to have biblical truth even if it is not traditional views. Some Christian views are more Augustinian than biblical (Catholic; Calvinistic). Christians have freedom to hold to different views on peripheral subjects. We have unity and diversity, not autocratic uniformity like the kingdom of the cults. A Calvinist and an Arminian may disagree about determinism vs free will, but we have a common faith in the triune God. Denying original sin (Adamic, Federal Headship theory, genetic) is not a denial that we are sinners in need of a sinless Savior. I can show why sin is moral/volitional, not metaphysical/genetic. This is not cherry picking beliefs, but evidence that some Christians uncritically accept tradition instead of working through a biblical theology. Likewise, some of my fellow Christians are cessationists like the JWs are. I affirm from Scripture and practice that spiritual gifts did not cease in the first century nor at the closing of the canon. This includes speaking in tongues (WT arguments against it display the same ignorance as a Baptist who argues against it). I reject your straw man view of the OT God's dealings with man. The OT God is the same as the NT God, but we are in an Age of Grace at the moment, not a Law dispensation.

  • SouthCentral

    I have not left, but I feel that people need structure in life. Religion provides a moral guideline, especially for children. I personally feel that all religion is man-made and somewhat false. There are errors in all of it. If the mormons were not racist, I would probobly subscribe to their false teachings, but instead I support the false doctrines of the J-Dubs....

    Religion is mans attempt to explain God, therefore it will always be seriously flawed!!!

  • Dune

    I thought about this too when i first started coming to these boards and learned that a significant portion of the posters were now christians of another denomination, amongst other things.

    As a JW, i spent so much time bashing & discrediting other religions, when i finally faded I simply had no interest in joining another religion.

  • moshe
    I am a Christian in the minority who also does not believe in original sin.

    Those who are outside orthodox Christian dogma are called heretics- do you want to be burned at the stake or strangled? If you repent of your heresy, you get strangled first and then burned at the stake.- Jesus loves a repentant sinner.

    added- the Torah/OT is the Jew's holy book and they determine what it means/says/teaches. The NT is the holy book of the Christians and the Jews do not try to tell Christians what their book says/teaches. We can and do correct gentiles who misinterpret Jewish teachings, but from my perspective as a former Christian I was totally ignorant of Jewish theology, nor did it ever occur to me that my Christian teachers were guilty of misrepresenting what Jews believe and what the Torah teaches- It was an eye-opener when I studied with my Rabbi 10 years ago-

  • talesin

    Star tiger

    This is something I've always wondered about, too.

    The JWs created a skeptic here. I was very interested in religions, still am, but they are more of a curiosity to me. The more I learn, the more I become entrenched in my atheism. Hebrew culture / mysticism is quite appealing, though, and I've read a lot about the history and beliefs of the Jews. If this skiksa were ever to convert, it would be to Judaism.

    And dammit, I had a proposal from a very nice Jewish boy from LA when I was 21, and turned him down. Ah, the folly of youth!


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