When did you stand up and say No More to the GB and Witness world, mine was in 2000

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    1995 Ray franz' book opened my eyes. It was the same yr that the wt fiddled w the generation doctrine. Although, i was already gone, so to speak, so it didn't have anything to do w it.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    1968. I was a teenager and stopped all believing two or three years before. My KH attendance was obtained through severe beating. I was poked and kicked in the KH to silence. Spare the rod. My father was trying to pull me out of high school -JW. I was ready to go to court to have an judge issue a custodial order. He died. Thank God. HIs funeral was the last Witness event that I attended. oh-my cousin's marriage.

    It was a heady time. Knowledge was bursting forth. The miscogyny towards women was perhaps the largest factor. Our brothers were illiterate. It wasn't their fault. If the place had been loving, so what, b/c Jesus may not have been literate and the apostles were not. It wasn't so much a rational decision as I would not participate in my own repeated rape as a woman. Male anatomy is not that precious to me that it gives you a pathway to God.

  • flipper

    2003 for me. Never went back. Actually left due to unjust treatment from elders. But learned a whole lot more about WT society discrepancies about 3 years after leaving by researching and educating myself. Never been happier ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • luna2

    Around about the summer of 2000. I'd spent a good many unhappy years as a JW. Don't know if I thought just being a dub would change me or if doing all that studying and going d2d would improve me, but it didn't. It was my choice to become a JW too. Nobody forced me into it.

    The cracks in the facade started showing early on. The sis who studied with me didn't clue me in to what field service was, how to go about it, how to fill in the little reports, turn them in...all the junk you need to give to the elders to prove what a good dub you would make and how worthy you were for baptism. Then I got a job with an elder....unbelievable that the man wasn't disfellowshipped early on. Never met a bigger liar, cheat, fraud. At any rate, I took these blows and rationalized them away as human imperfection or my fault or something, then the WTS changed the meaning of generation getting themselves off the hook for their end days prophesies. That one stuck around in the back of my mind and I couldn't rationalize it away. I hung in there, but my heart wasn't in it. When I finally became so depressed that I didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings, I started thinking and being more critical and not cutting the dubs and the WTS any more slack. About 4 months after that, I was sitting in a Watchtower "study" listening to the article being read and realized that the WTS didn't stand for anything. They were putting everything on the publisher...everything was a consience matter. Technically, you could do just about anything if your conscience allowed for it. Unbelievable. My conscience told me I was done. I got up, walked out the door, and never went back.

  • thetrueone

    1980 for me lived and witnessed the havoc caused by the corruptly devised dating of 1975,

    causing a couple of young JW people to commit suicide.

    Up to 1975 I believed much of what was taught by the WTS., after 1975 I started to closely analise that particular date

    and the said End Time prophecies adjoining that year, what I found was cleverly designed exploitations and manluputations

    created by a not so honest religious publishing house.......I was right.

  • WontLeave

    As soon as I discovered the position they really held in the minds of the congregation. What the Society prints is bad enough; the rank and file even go beyond that, equating "the Truth" tm , the Society, the Governing Body, the "faithful and discreet slave" (not that they have any clue who that is), the Watchtower magazines, and God himself. If you reject the tiniest part of an iota of any piece of a morsel of any of these, you reject the lot wholesale and completely. You can't disagree with a word of what the Watchtower says - even if it blatantly violates Scripture - without being called an "apostate" and being accused of abandoning God.

    When I started hearing "the literature is inspired and equal to the Bible", "the Watchtower is the mouth of God", "The Society is inspired by Holy Spirit", and other such nonsense, I just looked at them, flabbergasted. Every time some assumption would come out in the Watchtower, it was considered a clue from God. Even the titles of the conventions: Let God's Kingdom Come!, Keep on the Watch!, Deliverance at Hand!, etc. made JWs say ridiculous crap like "The 'brothers' must know something." And the exclamation points. Gag. It's like a buy-here, pay-here used car lot ad. All they need are some pyrotechnics and a wrestling ring in the middle and the title "Deliverance at Hand!" would be accurate. Every time I see the human wastes of skin at those things, fixated and clapping at every inane raise of the speaker's voice, I hear banjo music.

  • bob1999

    "It was the same yr that the wt fiddled w the generation doctrine."

    From the inside that may have looked like "fiddling" but from the outside it looked like a complete abandonment of major doctrine

    taught since 1951.


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  • TDaze

    2008, I think. Here, check out my deconversion story. It's bit of a read, but I'm sure you guys will enjoy it.

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