...WBT$/JW 1975.....Harold Camping`s May 21 2011 Rapture...

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    Now we know how Stupid we Look..When we Knock on Peoples Doors..

    With the WBT$ Message..

    "Armageddon is Just Around the Corner!"


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • EntirelyPossible
  • WontLeave

    So, is familyradio.com just too inundated with traffic or have they shut it down and headed for the hills with the remaining donations? Has anyone heard from Harold Camping as to why nobody's being raptured in areas of the world where the time he foretold has already come and gone?

  • GLTirebiter

    Since Camping's site seems to be offline, we'll just have to see the

    REM prophecy

  • flipper

    How convenient that Camping's site seems to be offline. Why am I NOT surprised ? Jeez. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wasblind

    Hey Flipp,

    it got raptured up


    Have you seen all the Crazies that support Camping?..

    His site probably crashed with hits..

    If the Rapture doesn`t happen on May 21 2011 at 6pm..

    I`ll eat this Bible..On April 1 2045..


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    LOL @ Outlaw I don't think it's all support

    I think It's hits out of

    " couriousity"


    Good Morning WasBlind..

    Campings site is probably wiped out..

    From all the people that want to see what a Train Wreck looks like..

    The End of the World..May 21 ,2011!!..

    Never Mind..


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • Larsinger58

    Well, it's a bit more complex than this.

    The Bible says, "let the wheat grow with the weeds" meaning when JWs as the temple sect was chosen to preach the good news, it would also be infested with some inaccurate teachings.

    1914 is a perfect example. JWs thought 1914 was three things:

    1) The end of 2520 years, and thus the date of the second coming.

    2) It was the "end of the gentile times."

    3) It was the beginning of the "last generation" of 80 years that would end in 1994.

    Well #1 and #2 are incorrect. The second coming occurred on December 25, 1992. The "end of the gentile times" ended when the Jews were restored to their homeland on November 30, 1947. But #3 is correct and fulfilled! That is, before that generation ended, all those signs would occur, including the final event, which was the second coming. The second coming did occur prior to 1994, so it was fulfilled.

    So from a higher spiritual point of view, we knew in advance there would be no "rapture" which doesn't occur until after Judgment Day, which follows Satan's last test of mankind, which follows the millennium. In the meantime, all the elect are on the earth with Christ. Once Judgment Day is over and everything living has been granted eternal life, and all the judging by the king-priests is done, THEN they all are changed in the twinkling of an eye to go up to heaven.

    So while the "rapture" predicted by Camping didn't occur, that doesn't mean "Judgment Day" didn't occur. That is, the last chance for anyone to be marked. Remember, the actual flood did not begin until 7 days after the door to the ark was closed. Nothing dramatic seemed to occur for 7 days, other than darkness as the ice canopy was being superheated and converted to thick rainclouds. By the 7th day, no light at all from the sun reached the surface of the earth. Once it began to rain, all lamps and torches were likely quickly extinguished so the people died in darkness. They couldn't find the ark even if they tried to.

    Jehovah's Day is said to be a day of thick gloom and darkness, so not much spiritual light would shine forth.

    So from my point of view, while it is clear always there would be no rapture, it is not entirely clear that a degree of "judgment day" didn't take place. Since the actual destruction didn't begin until a 7-day period after the door was closed, I'm not able to assess whether May 21 didn't actually begin "judgment day."

    The next Biblical event I'm expecting on the horizon is the takeover of the UN by the NWO after which it will be destroyed by the UN, or the UN beginning world rule outside of the NWO, which it destroys. That is, the UN takes over international rule and destroys "Babylon the Great" which includes NWO factions, the CFR, the CIA, etc. Whether or not any earthquake occurred, the fact remains the world is facting a global economic meltdown which likely will trigger and catapult us into a world government to survive.

    Thus Camping's detailed expectations does not mean his warning was not divinely inspired. That's how it looks from the JIOR point of view. May 21 is still a significant turning point date.


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