May 21st, 2011, Judgement Day?

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  • FrankWTower

    While on the subject of some wacko making yet another prediction, I found this info on

    Charles Taze Russell

    The onset of World War I freaked a lot of people out. But it was especially trippy for the Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society, a group that's now called Jehovah's Witnesses. The society's founder Charles Taze Russell had previously predicted Christ's invisible return in 1874, followed by his Second Coming in 1914. When WWI broke out that year, Russell interpreted it as a sign of Armageddon and the upcoming end of days, or as he called it the end of "Gentile Times." History proved otherwise.

    Read more:,28804,2072678_2072683_2072682,00.html #ixzz1MulsjBsQ

  • Honesty

    Yep. satan surely used C.T. Russell in a mighty and awe inspiring manner.

    7 million deluded nuts attest to it.


    Hey Honesty, I used to be one of those deluded nuts. Now I just prefer walnuts. I'm ready with a Pepsi in my hand. Beam me up boys...


    When looking at predictons of the end of the world you have to find out who has the true christian religion .Only true christian religion may have a say in such an important matter.

    No other religion like the International Bible Students could claim a legitimate status of God's people at that time.

    You spent time on reading some article in a wrong place .

    You check the dates that I give concerning the endtime era .You have just given something that has the dates 1874 and 1914 . And it is exactly I am using these to prove the International Bible Students were true christians . You see the opposite in these dates .

    1874 AD is a duplicate date for 7 BC when Jesus was born.

    1914 AD is a duplicate date when Jesus began teaching in 29 AD.

    There was 29 AD - 33 AD - 36 AD and in our times we have 1914 AD-1918 AD-1921 AD . .

  • EntirelyPossible

    So, OBVES, it's the 21st and all is well. On to your backup date?


    It cannot be denied Harold Camping is the only Bible preacher outside of Jehovah's Witness campt with their sympathizers who was able to come closest to make such a strong proclamation about May 21 ,2011 .

    Though I consider him as my best opponent I am waiting right now for 2 AM to see if his proclamation about earthquake in the first time zone is going to happen as he taught . Right now we have almost half hour to that awesome moment .

    I have a better date September 29,2011 that carries Jehovah's Witnesses with me .Harold Camping opposes Jehovah's Witnesses so if Jesus comes back on this May 21 ,2011 Camping may be destroyed ! He gives a false testimony about Jesus claiming Jesus is God Jehovah the Father !

    This is a horrible doctrine and God Yahweh doesn't like that .

  • Farkel


    Do you know about the mountains of research that has already been done and is available on your subject and just about every "Watchtower" subject?

    Hint: I've written hundreds and hundreds of articles on Watchtower related stuff, but I'm only one of dozens and dozens of others who have done the same.

    Check the archives. Check the net. Check UseNet. You will have enough great research and revelations to read for months, or even YEARS!



  • WTWizard

    At least this one will expire tonight. When it is May 22 or later everywhere on the planet, I will be ridiculing yet another bad prediction on the date of God's judgment. Which seems to happen every time anyone tries to predict it--this is not like something they can watch unfold like hyperinflation or a famine (natural or regulation-made).

    And, since the date is short, they won't have much time to develop a religion that has the potential to ruin children's lives perennially waiting for the end. We already have enough of those, and then some.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    When it is May 22 or later everywhere on the planet

    Just so you know, America is one of the last countries on the planet to reach 21 May. The rest of the world is ahead of you time-wise.

    BP, reporting from Australia where it is already Sunday 22 May.

  • finallysomepride

    now we got 29 sept to look forward to

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