This is a little freaky.......

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  • ProdigalSon

    When we're dreaming, our consciousness is on the astral plane, outside of our physical body, which is also where our deceased loved ones are. So I wouldn't get freaked out about it, I would be thankful for the opportunity to have met with him, you don't know when and if it will happen again. He wanted to send your son a message, and I am sure he is happy it got through.

    That the "dead are conscious of nothing at all" is just false. My father spoke to me a few years ago through a psychic healer. It is also not true that "demons" go around impersonating dead people, because demons don't exist outside of the ones inside of us, aka our egos.

  • palmtree67

    Like I said, my son was very young - only 2-3 years old when my grampa died. But he was the first great-grandchild, and the only one my grampa ever met.

    I don't know if my son knows how much my grampa loved him.......well, I guess he knows now!!

  • journey-on

    These kinds of dreams are such a blessing. I have them occasionally, and when I do, I am so thankful and appreciative.

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