How many Watchtowers and Awakes does it Take to make a new JW Convert?

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  • factfinder

    The printing figure in the w public ed of 42,162,000 is the total for the month. The study ed is included. It breaks down to about:

    Public=28 million

    study=14 million

    The way it is worded in the public ed is misleading in my opinion. It says "each issue" which makes you think its for the public ed only, but actually its the total monthly printing for The Watchtower all together-all editions. They are all the same magazine- "The Watchtower".

    Expect the printing total for the 2012 SY for w & g to pass one billion copies printed again.

  • factfinder

    By the way- over 500 editions of the w and g are published every month.

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