How many Watchtowers and Awakes does it Take to make a new JW Convert?

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  • LostGeneration

    Current awake Printing is 40,000,0000 mo or 480,000,000 year

    Wt Public edition printing is 42,000,0000 mo or 504,000,000 year.

    So the WT prints 984,000,000 mags a year, almost a billion (not counting Kool aid WTs, they don't have a printing mentioned there)

    Each mag is 32 pages, 16 pieces of paper when you consider they print on the front and back.

    so that is 15,744,000,000,000 pieces of paper. (almost 16 BILLION)

    300,000 get baptized each year. (I know its a little lower than that, but I rounded up to make the math easier)

    So that equals 52,480 pages of WT and Awake mags each year or 3,280 magazines for each new baptism!

    If I remember right, they can stuff around 400 magazines in each of those boxes, so it takes
    about 8 boxes full of magazines for each new JW convert.

    I don't know how many lbs exactly those boxes weighed, but a rought estimate was about 50 lbs each.
    So 400 pounds of magazines for each new JW convert.

    Yes they are a "publishing house" masquerading as a religion!

  • LostGeneration

    Oh and I didn't factor in that probably at least 70% of baptisms are born- ins!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Good thread.

    Wanted to mention the sole purpose of a JW is to be the WT's chief customer. It reminds me of the hair replacement commercials that came on during reruns of the Brady Bunch when I was off from school during the summer. Some cheesy perverted CEO looking guy going, "Not only am I the president, I'm also a client!" Whether the average JW is oblivious to this or not, they're not only thee sole ones voluntarily distributing the lterature, they're also thee sole target the WT is tailoring their articles to. You can tell by how the public edition of the WT and Awake magazines are written that its for reinforcement of basic JW doctrine. The WT knows most of their literature ends up in the trash when it comes to the general public, but they've got an insurance policy with the average JW. The CO's, Elders, and even the Kingdom Ministry all emphasize the need to keep up with the magazines. Even die hard publishers in the congregation will occasionally go, "did you see the latest article on toe nail fungus?!?! It was awesome!"

    Harold Camping accomplished in a matter of months what the jackasses in Bethel haven't been able to accomplish in dang near a century!! More people know what Camping believes, than what JWs believe with the exception of what JWs don't celebrate. If preaching about God's Kingdom is so important to the WT, I have to say they've failed miserably. But it goes back to the question of whether or not the WT really wants the general public to know what they believe? The purpose of the the preaching work has nothing to do with converts. Rather, it has EVERYTHING to do with keeping JWs busy. Idle hands is the devil's workshop. With JWs its different, idle hands to a JW is the possiblity they'll figure out they're getting duped by several old white dudes with a token black and a legal department overseeing a publishing company.

  • LostGeneration

    I missed this fact for years, that I was the CUSTOMER. I think the honor system format makes people think they aren't paying for the magazines. I wouldn't drop in money for weeks on end, but then I would feel guilty after a few months and drop in $50 or $100. Some WT customers pay everytime they get their magazines, others do like I used to.

    Its a good scam they have running.

  • Terry

    Take a look at this internal poll conducted here:

    A lightning fast POLL: Two questions about CONVERSION

  • wannabefree

    JW's aren't expecting a mass conversion, therefore, it doesn't matter how many magazines it takes to make a convert, what matters is that they are made and distributed so Jesus won't hold them responsible for not getting the warning out. I doubt if most JW's care if they make a convert, they just don't want to be blood-guilty for not trying. (that's my opinion and I stand behind it)

  • Chariklo

    Well, basically, it's pyramid selling with a twist, isn't it, the twist being that as you say, LostGeneration, the publisher is the customer.

    I remember, when I first started looking into it all, trying to work out who was profiting at the end of the line.

  • LostGeneration

    Terry and Wannabe, I understand that it isn't the actual distribution of mags that leads to conversions. The main point I'm making is that it is a Publishing house, or publishing cult if you prefer.

    Its just the obsession with numbers I have, probably instilled from years of WT conditioning. It is just interesing if you run the numbers against them, instead of in favor of them like they do.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    How many Watchtowers and Awakes does it Take to make a new JW Convert?


    Shhhhhhh! These guys are sensitive to issues like that.



  • DagothUr

    In my case they only needed around 30 magazines and 5 or 6 books. Goddamn it, I was so easy!

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