I FINALLY DID IT ...............

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  • cantleave

    I threw out my old Public Talk outlines and notes!

    I spent ages, researching, and writing my talks to try and make them interesting. So I was rather reluctant to get rid of them.

    BUT today I need the folder they were in for a work project, so Hey ho they had to go!!!

    They were the last vestige of JWdom in my life

  • wobble

    Well done again my friend !

    I recently had a huge bonfire of WT bound vols etc that have been in my garage for 3 years, they are buggers to burn ! it was most cathartic, and made some more space to put more junk in !

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! bet that feels great.....let the good times roll

  • finallysomepride

    nice one

  • wannabefree


    I still have mine, I don't know why.

  • chickpea

    well congratulations on a HUGE step forward!!!

    however due to recent information acquired,
    i must caution you to be careful about the
    sweeping generalization that makes you think
    you have disposed of the last vestige of WTS
    residue!! i am STILL uncovering pockets of
    "infection" as it were... just found hub's old
    "bookbag" in a closet... filled with 2003 WTs
    and AWAKEs and FS H2H records.... with the
    usual 95% NH for a days work....

    it makes me wonder if we can EVER scrape all the WTS stink off!

  • TotallyADD

    Contratulations Cantleave. I did that last month before we move up north. My wife ask me are you sure you want to burn them? Without any hesitation I said yes. All those years of stress in those color folders. No more wasting gas driving 50 miles to give a talk to a group of people who do not know you or could care less about you. No more wasted Sat. afternoons going over those talks. No more sleepless nights worrying about getting up early so you and the family can get ready. And on and on and on. Great job Cantleave. My folders were all marked up so I could not used them for anything. Totally ADD

  • Morbidzbaby

    Along the lines of chickpea's comment, I wonder if the mind control is so far-reaching that we inadvertenly block WTBTS literature out... like, it's there, but we don't actually SEE it and REALIZE it's there because we're so used to having it around for all those years? Almost like our minds camouflage it...it's part of the scenery...so we don't think twice until we actually start going through things and go "WTF?? I thought I got rid of all this shit??"

    Just a thought...

  • moshe

    I used to be a great KH speaker- I would gag just looking at an outline- it's good to move on!

  • nugget

    damn it I helped write those talks. Problem is they were good talks based on rubbish outlines.

    Keeping them is like keeping a burst appendix in a jar, you were attached to it once but now it is just hazardous waste.

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