A question for JW apologists(or anyone else)

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  • Reality79

    "Imperfection" is only a valid excuse for the Watchtower organisation when it comes to error and misjudgement. When it's anyone else, they're a part of Babylon the Great and being used by Satan.

    The Watchtower are just the modern day Scribes and Pharisees who look down their noses on anyone outside their worldwide clique.

  • LostGeneration

    JWs let their leaders off the hook because they say they are not "inspired"

    Instead they say they are "spirit directed"

    I believe it was in one of Ray's books he said it is a "distinction without a difference"

    If they truly received holy spirit, and no other religions did, what would be the result? Wouldn't their advice and direction be far, far, superior to everyone else on earth today?

    Does their record show this? No, in fact they look MORE confused and befuddled than other religions, which tells me holy spirit doesn't have a damn thing to do with Watchtower, Inc.

  • mindseye

    Yeah, I never followed this line of logic in the first place. If the GB are simply imperfect men, who are not spirit-directed, WHY THE HELL SHOULD I LISTEN TO THEM? Especially since they exert so much control over every detail of their members' lives. Sure, they claim they follow the bible most closely, but a number of denominations claim to do the same (not that this matters to my agnostic @$$ anyway).

  • MrFreeze

    Ive posed that question to three different elders. They cant answer it. I say if they were directed by holy spirit as were the bible writers, why the mistakes? It must mean they arent directed by Gods spirit. So we shouldnt listen to them then. The one elder got very beligerent and angry at me.

  • stillin

    at the risk of being in a minority here. Let me play devil's advocate:

    The WT org may well be the only organization that actually identifies and takes a stand on some seemingly poignant issues. Probably most outstanding is the politically neutral thing. Who else does that on any sort of international scale? Or the Trinity thing? What if that is actually an important thing to God, to be thought of as separate and distinct from His Son? I have to say that even if there are other people that recognise the issue, nobody else has really taken such a significant stance on it, at least in terms of making the matter a point for public consideration...

    But then, wouldn't it be better if the person who is trying to figure all of this stuff out didn't have to be spoon fed and then "Mother" says "OOPS! that was bullsh1t on that spoonful. Better spit that out!"

    Alas, it seems that many a mountain are made out of molehills...

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    In the past the Watchtower has claimed to be a prophet. They have also said that they aren't inspired. So what the heck is an uninspired prophet. Why would you want to put your trust in an uninspired prophet?

    The Watchtower wants it both ways. On one hand they claim to be the organization that God is speaking through so you must obeyed them. Then when they screw up they claim to only be imperfect men so should excuse them. If you ask them if that is the case then why can a JW be disfellowshipped for not believing what you teach they go right back to because we are the organization God is speaking through so to not listen to us is the same thing as ignoring God. Circular reasoning at its best.

  • jgnat

    In case you ever run in to the issues that stillin brings up while wearing his devil's advocate hat,

    Non-trinitarian churches. The bigger ones include some of the Church of God denominations:


    Peace Churches:


    Now, if they argue that they are the only Christian denomination that can pat their head and rub their belly while wiggling their ears, all they've done is proven that they are unique. They are a long ways away from showing that their particular combination is correct.

  • wobble

    Punkofnice makes a good point, if they were "spirit directed" enough to be chosen in 1919 then we perhaps should look for reasons for the mistakes in the intervening years.

    The problem is they were teaching no unique truth in 1919, so Jesus had no reason to choose them.

    So that claim is not true.

    So, when did this spirit start to work upon them ? What proof (again it needs to be unique aspects about them) is there of that ?

    And as I asked above, how does this work ? they say they are not inspired, so how does the communication take place, are the Wednesday GB meetings a seance ?

    Oh please, a JW Apologist, please answer our questions !

  • jgnat

    The latest teachings on 1919 weren't formulated until 1931/34. The Bible Students in 1919 taught that Jesus had arrived earlier, and armageddon was due in 1919.

  • punkofnice

    So. Where are DJeggnog, Maze/Spade/alice, standfirm/1pnt (I'm sure some of these folks are the same geezers)?

    Why are we not seeing the usual 'copy'n'paste' from them on this thread?

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