Hurt my back today gardening and I think the Chiropractor made it worse

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  • moshe
    he has no regard for modern chiropractics and the 'activator'.

    My guess is that the malpractice insurance is much less for a Chiropractor who uses that little gadget instead of strong-arming the spine into place with brute force. Back in the 80's my Chiropractor in Florida was taking all kinds of classes in order to get ready for a change ( being lobbied for by them) in State law that allowed them to prescribe muscle relaxers- he was all hyped up about that- the law never got passed. I got to thinking that if the chiropractor wanted to prescribe muscle relaxers so badly, then maybe instead of spinal manipulation all I really needed was rest and a prescription for Flexeril- I have never been back to a Chirpractor since- I have let medical doctors/Osteopaths take care of me and my back is much happier!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thanks for all the responses ! The pain is getting a bit more tolerable . Icing seems to be helping.

    I see my Physician Friday for a previous scheduled appointment so if things are not much better by then I will have him give me advice (drugs).

  • pirata

    Careful if the doctor prescribes you anti-inflammatories, they are quite tough on the stomach, and can lead to an ulcer if overused.

  • talesin

    Scully knows what she's talking about, I always listen very carefully to her advice.

    and doofdaddy's absolutely right about the osteopath (8 years of training, big proponents of regular stretching exercises and very gentle, no 'adjustments'). (to dd - you were right about the rice, too! smart man, are you!)

    Back problems are very tricky, spent 1 year in a back brace myself after the last of my car accidents. Luckily, it was all muscular, so I was able to tai chi and stretch myself to health. Once you damage muscles though, there's a stronger chance of injury through falls, twisting the wrong way in your sleep, etc. After this is healed up (and I hope it's not a disc problem), a daily, yet brief routine of stretches/exercises can keep your back in reasonably good health.


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