insidious infiltrate!

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  • DanaBug

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    When I moved/got kicked out, I took only my NWT with me which I threw in the garbage April last year. I wish I had thought to take my pioneer school book with me (what's that called again?). I think it'd be fascinating to see what my mindset was back then, all the little notes in the margins.

  • badseed

    Held on to some of that stuff for years. Had boxes full that I would haul around when I moved. One day I threw it all out. Even the bibles. Gasp!!!

  • diamondiiz

    My wife threw most of it out and I kind of regret it since we have a wood stove and their paper is really nice to start fire with. Now I'm stuck collecting newspapers, I wouldn't mind if some of the dubs brought over some of their new mags so I can save it from others and use it to start the wood stove in the winter - only real use for it.

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