insidious infiltrate!

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  • chickpea

    i dont know how many times i have thought i had purged my life
    of all the WTS litter-ature, only to find that crap still taking up room
    in storage...

    BOXES of books and magazines, because as a family of 6, everyone had their own
    copy of everything.... (forgive me, babies!) its like some kind of frikkin juju curse....

    are you ever amazed at how much of that crap you managed to accumulate?

  • journey-on

    I have been out of it for years and years and a few days ago, I found an old Kingdom Ministry in the bottom of an old antique bread box I had used to store odds and ends. I'm in the process of streamlining and minimizing my surroundings. No telling what else I'm going to find! (The weird thing is, I haven't thrown it's like a reminder to remember....WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

  • Scully

    But it's more amazing to get rid of it and have all that extra space in your home!

    And yes, I grew up in a home where piles of unplaced WTs and Awakes took up more space than family photo albums could ever hope for... because they were so Importantâ„¢.

  • journey-on

    I remember as a child, my parents talking about hiding literature behind the trim around inside doors or making some kind of secret space in the wall to put a Bible (the Green One, of course) just in case the persecution starts and "they" come to the house to confiscate our literature and bibles! Sheesh! Living with that kind of paranoia has got to do a number on you!!!

    But, I wonder how many other JW families did this. Can you imagine buying a house and remodeling it only to find a ton of WT and Awake pages folded neatly and hidden behind the trim? LOL!

  • designs

    They're like Gerbils, they breed in your garage...............

  • botchtowersociety

    It would be convenient if they made the magazines out of softer paper. The publications don't yet live up to their ideal purpose.

    Maybe I'm just a cheap asshole!

  • Morbidzbaby

    I went through all my books and stuff and just chucked a large amount of it all. I always get a bit creeped out when I find something I forgot to trash... It's like it creeps in on it's own lol. Honestly, I think it's a testament to just how "involved" we all literally took up every inch of space in our lives, physically and mentally.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I went to a charity second-hand book sale last weekend, and it was amazing to see WTS publications that had been given away.

  • chickpea

    i absolutely agree Morbidzbaby

    an outward sign of how the cult crowded out any rational thought
    by stuffing us figuratively and literally with their tripe...

    i cant believe a thrift shop would try to peddle the crap!!

  • chickpea

    had to update!! today has been FILLED with WTS crap!

    found the hub's old "service bag" with 2003 litter-ature in it,
    including the D2D, forms which he was meticulous in recording,
    showing easily a 95% NOT AT HOME status....

    plus there was a " business card" from the C doctored
    up to look like a real business card, with the addy and
    ph # of the CO apt in duluth, mn...

    AND while washing winter comforters in the big machines
    at the laundromat, i busied myself writing JWFACTS.COM
    on the back of all the litter-ature left there for the unwary
    (looks like the occult was back in the headlines.... again)

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