Inconsistency with dealing with those who faded away

by Quarterback 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • chickpea

    that statement about " once baptized, always baptized" sounds pretty catholic to me...

    i never DA'd, never was notified of a DF, so i have no clue what status they have pegged me with

    i havent had anyone in the BoE pay any attention to any activity in which i have been engaged including high profile board member of the local chapter of PFLAG, a national LGBT advocacy group and active, visible engagement in the political scene.... not a peep!..... also use lights during the winter season, not so much for xmas, but because we have long cold dark winters and i find the lights to be cheering!

    i suspect they know that i know some stuff that i would turn back on them in a heart beat

    as for the rank and file, TOTALLY baffling, as some will shun, some will nod, some will make an effort to chat up in the grocery store
    and some will smile, hug and say " so good to see you"

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