Inconsistency with dealing with those who faded away

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  • Quarterback
  • flipper

    QUARTERBACK - I'm seeing blanks here. No words. So can you explain WHAT inconsistencies you've observed dealing with those who faded away ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • talesin

    IE9 will do this to ya, it did it to me (I'm using W7) ,,,

    you may want to switch back to Firefox ;)

  • Quarterback
  • Quarterback

    Sorry, apparently I needed to download Google Chrome again. Anyways here is my post. It seems that recently our CO was accompanied by the DO on his recent visit to our hall. Apparently, they told our Elders that we had missunderstood the meaning of the Societies direction on how to deal with those that had faded away for some time. We once understood that we would not deal with someone who left our congregation for some time, since it's confirmation that these ones had faded away, and are not considering themselves to be brothers or sisters any longer. Well that apparently was wrong thinking. They said that once you are baptized, you are always baptized. They made those elders visit those who were away for some 20 yrs and disfellowshiped at 5 people living in our territory. Someone from a nearby congregation asked what's wrong, and the Elders of our cong told them that this was the Societies direction. However, this never got to be the practice of the other congregations in town. In fact they accused our Elders involved in a Witch Hunt. If the whole city followed through on this understanding, we would have at least 40 disfellowshipped. What have you observed?

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    I've been inactive for AT LEAST 10 years.

    I've had a few shepherding calls.

    Anytime I go to the meetings, I'm warmly welcomed and treated with respect.


  • Quarterback

    Yes, like many that I know. Why on earth would this CO and DO see the need to correct just one congregation's practice and to not be consistent with the rest of the city. Is this another classic example of Opinions expressed by those in a higher position?

  • LongHairGal


    So, once baptized, always baptized? And they think they are going to go through the territory so as to "disfellowship" those who are inactive for many years? I assume this is because they are threatened by anybody who they cannot control.

    Well, I certainly am not answering my door. If I chance to run into them when I am coming home and they think they are going to snag me when I have packages in my hand, I am going to say "bye, have a nice day" and slam the door in their faces. There will be no conversation one way or the other. If the idiots are dumb enough to waste postage and send me a letter, I will read it and trash it. I won't acknowledge anything they say.

    They are non-entities as far as I am concerned.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    I've heard of this being done in these parts as well. I personally know of a case where someone who had not attended for over 10 years was disfellowshipped due to Christmas lights being observed - a capital offence I guess. Probably a rogue elder with a personal axe to grind.

    The directive though, to hear other elders tell it, is to leave those alone who have faded for many years, which seems to be the case generally.

  • Violia

    I have not really attended since the mid to late 90's except for a few sporadic meetings, funerals , memorials and such. Nothing at all since 03. I have not seen an elder in all that time. However, I was more of less accused of being apostate before I stopped attending, a accusation that was not actually true. I just left, not df or da as far as I know. If they want you they will come get you and find any reason to Df you , if they don't you want ever hear from them again.

    It is probably a local thing. Some Po's and the such really should stop reading their own PR.

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