Is flirting just harmless fun ?

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  • unshackled

    It's harmless. Unless they're crazy, stalks you, and boils your pet rabbit on the stove...

  • jair_irwin

    Is flirting just harmless fun?

    Hmm...that sounds kinda like the name of a "Young People Ask"

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    LOL @ jair, I had the same thought when I first read this thread...

    Didn't we discuss this subject enough when we were witnesses?

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Because of my history I have some strong opinions on this. I may need more time to get over it, but here goes...

    If you are in a serious relationship, wether it be married or commited to each other. Flirting is disrespectful to your partner.

    I have also found it hides a strong possiblilty that they are attracted to the other person, but cloak it a way so you feel you are overreacting if you are uncomfortable with this 'flirtation'. Doesnt necessarily mean anythings going on though.

    I just dont think you would even flirt with someone, if you did not have an atrraction on some level.

    If it goes on for along time, it has been my experiance, that something more is going on. If longterm flirtation with the same person suddenly stops, thats an even bigger red flag.

    I've been there and I've watched it from the side too.

    Next time , eye poking will happen.

    .-( [that's some one that just got an eye poke, LOL]

  • caliber
    If it goes on for along time, it has been my experiance, that something more is going on.

    It's kind of like the difference between making proper eye contact and starring... it's a time and duration thing as well.

    Unwritten rules we pick up on like close do you stand to a person before it is too close !

  • LongHairGal


    I don't think you can win with this one. What is considered 'flirting' by one is just pleasant conversation to another and outright 'teasing' by somebody else. If a man tells a woman she has nice eyes, she might think he wants to marry her. There is also a cultural problem. Certain men from certain areas of the world where women are covered up and don't speak, might get the wrong idea when a friendly Western woman greets them. Even some Western men might get the wrong idea.

    But, if you are married, generally speaking flirting is disrespectful to your partner. If somebody loves someone, they should make it a point to avoid behavior that might press that person's buttons or insecurities. And, definitely avoid or limit compliments to the opposite sex. Better to keep your mouth shut and be seen as unfriendly, than have to deal with the aftermath of having to explain yourself to somebody's jealous spouse.

  • 1975

    It's safer to flirt with your mate. Have you?


  • finallyfree!

    ask jesus if its harmless fun? ask him to tell you about the time the prostitute rubbed his feet with scented oil. ask him what she did after she rubbed it all in using her hair!! lol! then we will see how fun it really is.

  • caliber

    I thought these two quotes were funny....

    Flirtation: attention without intention
    Flirting is the art of making a man feel pleased with himself.

    One persons response about being a flirt .... "well ...... I am the activities coordinator" hahahaha !

  • doughnuthole

    No way is flirting harmless fun, if your in a committed relationship with someone else, maybe to the ones who are doing the flirting, but NOT to the spouse or partner sitting on the sidelines having to watch this and than being accused of being just paranoid or sucpicious, Yes it is very disrespectful to ones mate, not just disrespectful, but sometimes downright mean!!

    I know a close friend that has been dealing with this for quite awhile and is finally opening her eyes to just how damaging and insulting this really is to her self-esteem!! Glad she is going to therapy to really get a true picture on this.. the flirting is from a neighbor to her husband (with the husband getting mad at his wife, saying "were just friends" get over it) and believe me the wife is getting over it alright!! Change is on the horizon!! Dough

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