One question that leads to an Exit: Why would an all loving God unlease a Satan on his human children

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  • designs
  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Good question designs.

    The answer is Her would not.

    Jdubs have to go into a long drawn out arguement to try and justify their idea.

  • sizemik
    Jdubs have to go into a long drawn out arguement to try and justify their idea.

    Aint that the truth! . . . but they come unstuck early in the piece . . .

    Mankind invited Satan in, we unleashed him on ourselves.

    I don't recall either Adam or Eve answering the door, offering a demon a snake suit, and asking him to sit down and tell them a story . . . or did I miss something?

  • glenster

    Why would an all loving God unlease a Satan on his human children?

    False dilemma. An all-benificent God isn't the concept--such a God would have us all live in heavenly circumstances forever and we don't. It wouldn't allow a choice to believe or not in a possible God. It's not a concept of a God that loves everything, including about humans, either. The main "devil" of people is that common human selfishness is unfortunately all-too appropriately named. People, given the choice and knowing better, do unethical things to their own. Considering what I think of the worst of them sometimes, I can imagine what a higher being would think--it wouldn't be good by any concept I imagine.

  • Satanus

    'An all-benificent God isn't the concept'

    The bible says god IS love.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Clearly, questions like this do not cause most JW's to leave. Despite the level of understanding of the typical JW, such questions are easily turned aside. Here's the typical answer without thinking:

    Why would an all-loving God unleash Satan upon mankind?

    "He wouldn't. God loves us and the angels so much that He gives us AND THEM free will to decide to obey or not. God created the angel who later became Satan with such free will that caused the angel to think selfishly. And Jehovah loves us so much that we can escape Satan's threats by turning to Jehovah. We suffer in Satan's world with the problems that Adam's sin brought upon us, but Jehovah's love will undo any harm Satan's world can do to us."

    It's a rambling answer that seems to cover all bases. It suggests that God's love is even greater that He "allowed" Satan and "allows" mankind freedom of mind.

  • jwfacts

    If you research the concept of freewill, it is a very deep and interesting subject.

    God has not given humans freewill. We are controlled by our genes, environment etc. Even in the most simple religious connotation, it is not freewill if God said you can do good or bad, but I will destroy you if you do bad. It is like the tax office saying you are free not to declare or pay tax on your income, but putting you in prison if for not declaring income. It is not accurate to say you are free not to pay tax.

    Our free will is within constraints, such as those mentioned above. Since God has not given free will without constraints, then an all knowing, all powerful, all loving god would have created man with the additional constraint to our free being that we cannot sin.

  • designs

    Remember how many Watchtower Studies were devoted to this issue and how important it all seemed at the time.

    'God is permitting evil' where were you when that piece of JW dogma gave you a sit up in bed moment and you thought for the first time 'I don't buy that anymore'.

  • trillaz

    A baby is born into this world but the color blue hurts its eyes.

    It's a boy!

    "Ahhhhhh, why are my parents torturing me to this badness?

    Why can't I communicate with them to stop this evil??"

    The story has a good ending. The boy grew up and was not harmed up after all. The pain of being hurt by blue images was not even remembered by him.

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