Do you ever look back and cringe...

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  • laverite

    Do you ever look back and cringe thinking of things you said or how you acted in the door-to-door ministry?

    I recently had two JWs at my door and posted about that here:

    They were gracious and polite. However, I was not so gracious when I was a JW. I cringe when I think of the things I said to householders.

    Just one example:

    Householder: "I'm not interested, but thank you anyway."

    Me: (Audible Gasp) "You're not interested in the Bible" (acting completely shocked and horrified).

    Is there anyone else here who was more of an ass than I was?

  • MrFreeze

    I honestly did my best to not convert people. If I did get return visits I'd never go back. Still, just the act of knocking on doors... makes me sick.

  • laverite

    That's the way I wish I had been, dear Mr. Freeze. Good for you!

  • chickpea

    i cringe at the thought of having ever been duped!!

    now if i meet former "householders" who i think
    remember me, i apologize humbly and make sure
    to give them info about DNC and other insider
    aspects of the workings of the cult... and yeah
    they know WTS is a cult before they walk away.....

  • snowbird

    I cringe at how earnest, passionate, and zealous I was in promoting the WT cause.

    Now, I display those same traits in debunking the WT cause.


  • WontLeave

    Nope. I cringe at what I hear other people say at the door, though. I've always been friendly, respectful when people said they weren't interested, tried to be helpful instead of pushy, kept things focused on the Bible instead of Watchtowers, and actually studied Scripture so I'd have something to offer people instead of shoving someone else's idolatrous crap into their hands.

    I never pushed the birthday thing, smoking thing, gambling thing, or even meeting attendance. In a nutshell, I followed Jesus' commission to preach the Kingdom and not the Watchtower's commission to preach the Watchtower. People are much more receptive to that, but JWs won't listen.

    Pioneers would bad-mouth me behind my back because I didn't "deserve" to be getting all the studies I had. I didn't "deserve" all the response I got. At first, they were impressed, but quickly changed their tune when they asked my secret. "Preach the Bible," I'd tell them, "not the Watchtower. I'm a Witness and I'm not even interested in the Watchtower, so I doubt they are."

    That's when they turned on me. That's when I discovered the elders, the Society, and JWs in general aren't the least bit interested in preaching for God. They only preach for the Watchtower. You have to use their writings and their doctrine; God's are relegated to a lower position or totally ignored. Maybe if I'd been more thoroughly acquainted with JW writings, I'd have seen that coming. But they don't turn the public on to that information. You have to be in before you find out they're idolaters and apostates.

    The world is full of Bibles, which Book contains the commandments of God. Why, then, do the people not know which way to go? Because they do not also have the teaching or law of the mother, which is light. Jehovah God has provided his holy written Word for all mankind and it contains all the information that is needed for men in taking a course leading to life. But God has not arranged for that Word to speak independently or to shine forth life-giving truths by itself. His Word says: “Light is sown for the righteous.” (Ps. 97:11) It is through his organization that God provides this light that the proverb says is the teaching or law of the mother. If we are to walk in the light of truth we must recognize not only Jehovah God as our Father but his organization as our mother. ...Today, also, God requires and exacts from his children obedience, honor and respect. These must be rendered not only to the living God himself, but to his wifely organization as well. - w5/1/1957 p274
  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I do look back and cringe. Sometimes I wish I could meet the people I worked with and explain why I was such a social outcast and that I regret acting the way I did. But I was a born-in JW, I didn't know any better.

    I do now, so I concentrate on making the most of life and living as normally as I can.

  • Palimpsest

    I honestly did my best to not convert people. If I did get return visits I'd never go back.

    I never went back, either. I had many studies over the years and had a few get baptized, but they were all people I knew from outside the door work or who were relatives of members of the congregation. And I only did them when I was asked by someone else to take them on. Being 11 and trying to "teach" adults was bizarre and awkward.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I cringe at the thought of going door-to-door now. I can't believe I could ever bring myself to do it. I was never effective at it, because it was always so awkward and uncomfortable for me. My return visits never amounted to anything more than just leaving more magazines.

  • Lozhasleft

    Yep. I was uber JW and passionate on the doors.

    Loz x

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