Presbyterians Approve Ordination of Gay People

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Well, I have something that I wanna say to you.
    Please distinguish "your words/article" from "others' words/article" clearly.
    For me, I feel that it is hard to read your article.

    For instance, in this forum, please use "quote" and "Blockquote."

    This is "quote."

    And, this is "Blockquote."

    Probably, in Japan, your "manner of writing" breaks a law.

    "Jehovah's Organization has some real problems because of erroneous stories an "insider" tells that can't be confirmed by anyone at the Watchtower Society's headquarters because they're all under hypnosis (aka "mind control). I don't think so."

    What country do you live in?

    Surely, as you say, it is difficult for us to confirm the occurrences in headquarters.
    But, probably, concealment/cover-up by the WTS/GB is the fact.
    I think that there is no person who suspects that (court record) today, except the person who is brainwashed (mind-controlled).

    "There's nothing to support the conjecture from the apostate pinup doll "Barbara Anderson" and her cronies. Her lies and propaganda are there to feed the bitter appetites of apostates that thrive off gossip and slander related to Jehovah's Witnesses. They will pay money for her propaganda that beat's their former fellow associates."

    I think that you should actually meet Mrs. Barbara Anderson.
    You can confirm whether she is a "pinup doll." (Is this an insult expression?)

    I admit that you are a splendid JW apologist.
    But, as for you, I think that you are lacking in the "love of justice."


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