Pakistani christian woman sentenced to death

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  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    There was a report on the TV last night about a Pakistani christian woman sentenced to death

    for blaspheming the prophet ( Mohamed I suppose).

    She was working in the fields with two muslims. It was hot and she had a drink of water.

    She offered some to the two muslims but they would not drink from the same cup as a Christian. "It was unthinkable."

    The report interviewed others who said that they do invite Christians to their house, but they ask them to bring their own food and have a seperate dinner service to be used by them.

    Anyway, the woman, annoyed that they would not drink from the same cup as her asked if their prophet was like that, and then she allegedly blasphemed him.

    She was denounced to the Pakistani authorities by her co-workers, and was subsequently sentenced to death.

    She is a mother with 5 children.

    People interviewed all said that yes, the sentence was merited.

    Just how far can people be twisted by religious beliefs? To the point of calmly taking the most precious thing, life itself, from another human being?

    Thank goodness JWs are not a state religion.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    They do however, preach, with a certain smug satisfaction, that Jehovah is going to anihilate several billion people.

    Take the time to look closely at some of the WT images.

  • Bangalore
  • JustHuman14

    Unfortunately this is the result of religious fanatism and personally I don't like that religion due to their fanatical ways, but most of all they way they treat women.

    For sure if WT was a state religion ex-jw's would have been stoned to death!!!!

  • JustHuman14

    YHWH the Hebrew God, commited genocides, just read the Book of Exodus, Numbers, just to name a few and in Numbers we find at chapter 29-30 that in one case He commands the Israelites to destroy the city that they will invate, kill ALL animals(what did those animals did wrong)kill all males, females(including new born ones) and burn the city.

    At the same book of Numbers we find similar "commandment" from "God" but with a slight change: Kill ALL males-old-young-new borns, kill ALL non virgins-including old women, married women with children, and KEEP the virgins for you...

    Now this is the God of "love" and justice??? Give us a break dude...Imagine this senario: You are 9 year old girl and you see in front of your eyes "God's chosen people" to invate your town, kill your grandfather, grandmother, your father, kill your mother, kill your new born brother, but you and your 7 year old younger sister are taking captives by Israelite soldiers and then, until you are old enough to "married" perhaps the same man who killed your entire family!!! Is this the "God" you believe and you hope that He will bring "justice"...

    Awake up dude, there is no "God" the way you believe, you and many other Christian and Muslim brain washed fanatics. I do believe in a "Creator", and that He created us, He gave us brain to use it and run our lifes. If we humans do not know, or willing to use that brain for our own benifit then we are the ones to blaim.

  • Bangalore

    I thought you were a Christian,JustHuman.


  • nugget

    Except Jehovah's witnesses abhor murder, and are wholly blameless as far as instigating state blood worship, flag worship, war worship, superiority worship, Caesar worship, which ALL nations are guilty of. (Hence God's coming judgment at Har-Magedon, and upon the true culprit) They expose Babylon the Great, along with Christendom's part in it, of being the blood guzzlers from the golden goblet (for profit) you malign with inferential slander. It's called hypocrisy, and it too is common among all men, and especially those involved in one babel or another.

    I could hardly stop myself spitting tea over the screen when I read that. Jehovah's Witnesses have been put in situations where they have been murdered because of unnecessary provocative policies of the GB Malawi is a prime example. The changes in the blood doctrine caused many witnesses to die unecessarily who might be alive now. Each death was met with approval.

    Jehovah's witnesses place the GB in the place of God and Jesus and you can be Df'd for claiming that you do not trust the GB and do not think they are God's representative on Earth. The watchtower clearly places these men over everyone so they are worshiped. By the way you can say you do not believe the Bible and that is ok. JWs worship men.

    JW's happily associated themselves with the UN and promoted their agenda in their bible based magazines until a worldy newspaper exposed this. Then they gave up their NGO status. Hypocrasy. No exposure of UN happening then. They rode the wild beast hence they too are Babylon the Great the Harlot.

    Profit and money seem to have a high priority in this so called Godly organisation. All kingdom halls belong to the organisation and not the congregations through a little bit of slight of hand. The organisation retains shares bequeathed to them even though these shares are in companies that make components for the military or other unsavoury enterprises. they expose sins in other faiths but try to hide their own sins from the world and others and happily keep child molesters from justice,

    Sick organisation my chances of surviving any godly calamity went up the moment I walked away from this pile of corruption. Morning rant over.

  • sizemik

    20571pnt428571 . . . Why not discuss the subject introduced by this thread?

    If you're going to come here as a JW apologist, then discuss the issues raised. Don't jump on every thread you find . . . take it off topic . . . and then preach a sermon to a Forum made up of people who have "been there done that".

    Your sermon covers nothing that has not been trolley'd out here hundreds of times before and that the people here have already been bored with for 20, 30, 40 years or more. So . . . discuss the topic . . . or shut the fuck up!

    It comes across as childish and moronic . . . and if you keep it up . . . you won't be here for long . . . believe me.

    jlp . . .

    Thanks for the post . . . the sentencing to death of this Pakistani woman is yet another example of religious extremism that seems to be the chief cornerstone of everything that plagues this planet. I tend to agree, having been a victim of it myself . . . that the JW's represent an example of similar religious intolerance albeit from a "Christian" perspective in their attitude to those of other faiths.

    There are a concerning number of Fundamentalist Christian cult-like movements in the "free" world believing thiers is the only true God and that thiers is the only true religion . . . as the more extreme forms of Islam do.

    Numbers aside . . . they simply mirror the religious intolerence we so often identify with Muslim extremism and so place themselves in the same category IMO

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Bangalore, thanks for the above link.

    I wonder though if she has really been pardoned:

    the article you site was dated Nov 2010, however, other sites speak of a day of prayer for her on 20 april 2011.

    for example.

  • sizemik

    You may be interested in the following article which is the latest update I could find on this woman . . . hopefully her children are being cared for

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