Facebook May Defeat Disfellowshipping

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  • metatron

    I noticed an ex-Witness sister on Facebook - smiling, looking happy, expressing nice thoughts for any to read -and she is disfellowshipped!

    In her extended family, more and more kids and grandkids are leaving the "truth" - and "friending" her! It might even be that she now is part of the majority of the extended family.

    And you have disfellowshipped kids friending Witness kids still trying to get out of the organization. Ex-Witnesses are finding friends and good times and eroding the 'punishment' of disfellowshipping.

    The sick, evil old men who run this cult can't make social networking go away, no matter how they try. Eventually, they will be forced to come to terms with it. It is steadily defeating them.


  • Morbidzbaby

    I think it's definitely going to pose a problem for the boys in Brooklyn... They keep warning against it, but so many JW's just aren't listening. I have DF'ed ppl on my Facebook...friends and family alike. I don't have even ONE JW on it...I deleted them all when I quit going to meetings.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Same way it helped to organize revolutions in africa it can help young and old create a support group to help their exit!

  • moshe

    The have Farmville on Facebook- they need a Happytown app for ex-JWs - it's Gr-reat being out of the KH! Let the JWs know how much fun we are having and how wonderful and rewarding our lives are since we ducked out of the KH!

  • baltar447

    omg you just game me a million $ idea moshe, thanks! :)

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    baltar make a game like mobwars where you start as a householding and begin to study with witlesses and move up to door to dor giving comments and eventually carrying mikes....OOOHHHHHH carrying mikes!

  • WhatWasIThinking

    I deleted all my JW "friends" when I DA'd. Three of them sent me friend requests. I told them I DA'd and they said they don't care. We still talk and hang out. Two of them (married) asked me why I left. I told them and found out that they have many of the same concerns and doubts that I did. They are born-in's and all of their family is in, so they don't want to just fade and then suddenly DA like I did, which I understand. Considering all the counsel I heard against facebook while I was still in, and the number of JWs I knew that just ignored it, I think the org is going to face real problems because of it.

  • the_raisin

    Well, back when I was still in, Myspace was a big thing, and every time we had the local needs speech, they ould mention how 'evil' Myspace was, and warned everyone to stay away from it. The few who were caught with accounts would receive a speech.

    Now, with Facebook, I notice most JW kids from my old congregation have acocunts there. Even the mostn 'spiritual'. And some of them have my siblings as friends, and they're considered 'apostates' in a manner of speaking. Also, they ALL have worldy friends. SO in that view, yeah, the Org is going to be in trouble in a couple of years if this trend reaches all young people.

    But that's a good thing :D

  • RagingBull

    Witnesses with BRAINS know that the GB is "getting out of hand" as time goes on. They're starting to look greedy, (power-hungry) controlling, and desperate. In the past, it was well hidden, but in this "Information Age"...their true colors shine thru. The false prophecies have given long-time witnesses a less-urgent attitude about the "END" actually coming.

    And franckly, I think many of us are just dying to be kicked out for any reason possible, just so that we do not have to ever go back. LOL many of us have family (kids etc.) that keeps us linked to the "ORG" but...if not for that it would be super easy to just leave. I'm even seeing more brothers grow goatees and things too. Its funny, so many are just giving the Golden Calf the finger. LOL

  • WontLeave


    I used to be under the same impression, but articles from as far back as my CD-ROM goes and older mags I can find online make many presumptuous claims. For example in the '20s they spoke of a "composite Christ", where Jesus is only a part and the anointed make up the rest. Through the '50s, the idea of the "mother organization" was a big deal, making themselves nearly equal to God; and with Jesus being "the Son", I'm wondering how that works out.

    Let's face it, the whole twisting of "faithful and discreet slave" into an earthly rulership is not a new teaching and is the central doctrine of JWs. Granted, the open multi-level power structure didn't come about until 1935. Now, the "faithful and discreet slave 'class'" number up to probably 12k, this year, whereas only 7 make up the Governing Body. The 7M "other sheep" are at the bottom and are "Jehonadab" sidekicks of the "Jehu" class of self-proclaimed "anointed".

    Since 1935, they've been very careful who they'll allow into the fds club, but they had to "open the door to Heaven" back up because the GB are all too young to have been around and baptized before 1935. So, even though 12k people are snacking at the Memorial, I'm pretty sure most JWs write them off as apostates and crackpots.

    Basically, nobody's getting into the GB club unless they have some political clout with the voters. That would explain why God only seems to want old white men (and one token black guy) who speak English to be his "prophet" class. It's all politics and a popularity contest. The guys there now are politicians and nothing more. Their whole lives have been a plan to wriggle their way into those few seats at the top, so they'll never have to sweep floors or get dysentery in a 3rd-world country "for Jehovah" again.

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