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  • therevealer

    Throughout the project the Governing Body carefully
    monitored the composition and words of each
    song. Groups of new songs that the Governing Body
    was not familiar with were recorded by singers for the
    Governing Body to listen to and review. As soon as
    those songs were approved, they were sent to translating
    branches for translation of the lyrics so that vernacular
    songbooks could be released at the same time
    as the English songbook.

    page 19

  • therevealer

    on the previous page they note that "In August 2007, a team of experienced composers and lyricists were invited to assist
    the Governing Body with the project"

    but as noted above in the first entry of the post these experts or at least knowledgeable musicians had to be second guessed by the

    gb. Remember that these men are not that young anymore, could well have diminished hearing and could well be totally tone deaf. But

    they still have to say that they had the final say in it all so that the rank and file can say "oh isn't it wonderful what the gb has given us"

    Quite pathetic really.

  • Gayle

    How many Wednesdays, were set aside for the Governing Body hours, to go over these empty, death songs which only had basicly changes to reinforce expressions of appreciation and obedience toward the GB? This they do instead of really dealing and re-evaluting the real issues of concern like: blood transfusions, pedophiles, concerns for the JW youth, etc.

  • moshe

    Maybe this is the only assignment that the legal dept can trust the GB to not screw up and involve the WT Corp in an expensive legal fight.

  • cantleave

    There you go proof that the GB are all deaf, blind and dumb.

  • pirata
  • therevealer

    Oh, oh. Looks like I am a little late to the party. And I think I remember the other threads too.

  • baltar447

    The new songbook is gawd awful. A new level of craptitude.

  • WTWizard

    It is truly pathetic that it took them 2 1/2 years to review 135 songs, out of which 42 were totally new and the others remade. One person that is a famous music producer had to review so many R&B songs for famous artists, including Michael Jackson, that the number could easily be more than 300 songs. And, those songs had to be good or they would make the artists flop. Just show that paragraph to the likes of Quincy Jones and see what he thinks of it.

    By the way, Quincy Jones also had his own music to perform while reviewing others' music. I think many people, regardless of whether they are black or white, would rather listen to many of the songs Quincy Jones reviewed during the period between mid 1981 and the end of 1983, roughly the same period that the Washtowel claims to have spent reviewing their 135 pieces of sxxx. Too bad the Washtowel couldn't find someone like Quincy Jones, who knows what good music sounds like, to produce and review the new song book before it got released.

  • Iconoclast

    My brother has deemed it "The Book of Hums." It is a holy hell. Every "melody" is a flat concotion of C-Grade instruments with a "Run, Jane, Run" book added in lyrics.

    "See Jesus. See Jesus die! Die, Jesus, die!"

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