Which type of "Apostate" is worse? An Atheist/Agnostic or one who joins a New Organized Religion?

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  • slimboyfat

    I think many Witnesses find it easier to deal mentally with those who lose faith altogether. Those who swap the truth for another religion, especially Evangelical Christianity, are clearly demonic. There is no other explanation for accepting the Trinity than demon influence.

  • Fadeout

    They love to bring up the dog returning to its vomit in reference to anyone who joins another church... I think that joining forces with Babylon the Great is probably worse.

  • Twitch

    Why define oneself with their terms or give consideration to whats "worse"? Why give power to them with reference to what you do after leaving? Let go, Luke,...

  • steve2
    Why define oneself with their terms or give consideration to whats "worse"? Why give power to them with reference to what you do after leaving? Let go, Luke,...

    How annoying - you take the time to ask a question that is important to you and you get a reply that asks you Why bother asking? Hey, that poster could have helped by not responding at all if it really was not important to them. Go figure!

    I take it the question is important to you so here goes: To start, apostasy is worse than sins of the flesh because at least the sinner has disobeyed rules and not overtly believed or taught something different. Sinners squirm in the dark probably intending to come back when they come to their senses - or so the reasoning goes.

    By contrast, apostates generally don't hide or apologize (although they may play the game for family reasons). Apostates by definition have not only rejected the claimed authority of a group (e.g., 'the faithful and discreet slave') to tell them what to do but have embraced an alternative source of authority (religion or science).

    Therefore, whether the alternative source is religious or non-religious doesn't matter: each has its "demonizing" aspects. it would be like asking, what is a worse course of action after I've robbed a bank and laundered the money: Give the money to my favourite institution or put it into a secret bank account for my own use. Neither is worse. Both are equally to be condemned. Ditto JWs views on apostasy.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    QuestioningEverything, Post #418:

    "Just wondering which kind is worse to active JW's? My Aunt used to be a JW but now she is a Mormon. I used to be a JW but now I am Agnostic."

    From the point of view of Jehovah's Witnesses, in general, Fundamentalist Christians are feared much more than Atheist/Agnostics. Although Mormons are technically Fundamentalists, they are too "exotic" and out in the fringe to qualify as much of a danger.

    One can use the Coke & Pepsi vs 7 Up & Mountain Dew. There is far more competition between look-alikes that there is between un-alikes. Coke drinkers are more likely to be convinced to drink Pepsi than 7 Up and vice a versa.

    The same principle applies in evolutionary competition. There is more competition amongst animals and plants in identical or overlapping niches (ecological lifestyle) than there are between different niches. Two creatures in the same general environment, let's say treetops, will clash with each other over resources much more than two creatures in different locations; such as treetop vs ground dwellers.

    In similar manner, Fundamentalists, are more similar to JWs than either are to atheists. Both of them have little to fear from atheists (in small numbers) proselityzing their own but are more defensive against each other.

  • Twitch

    @steve2 - Clearly you missed the point of my response, which is to preclude asking the question of which is worse by asking the reason why it's bad/wrong in the first case. Why is it wrong to be apostate, period? Futhermore, who says you're apostate anyways? Is it important to define oneself with an ideology you reject? If so, why? I understand about family and playing the game of appearing to be acceptable and not being labelled as apostate but if you've crossed the line into apostasy as they define it, you're dogmeat anyways, so why give the proverbial rat's ass? In this case, the answer is irrelevant as you've pointed out; they don't care about the reasons why one is apostate. So why should I? Perhaps I wished to dismiss the question and it's importance to the questioner by pointing out that one is no longer bound or defined by what they think after leaving. Perhaps realizing this rill help one to break free.

  • talesin

    The only JWs I know are my parents, and from my dad, I quote,

    "if you ever decide to attend another church, you won't be welcome here"

    (barring weddings & funerals, he meant as a believer)

    Doesn't make much difference to me, as I am an atheist, and have been for many years, but that's a pretty disgusting thing to say to your only daughter. Especially one who has shown respect for their choice to believe whatever crazy horse$h*t the WTBS throws at them for so many years.

    True Christian love, indeed. tsk, tsk, what would Jesus say?

    (and I don't say that to make fun because although I do not share their belief systems, I respect Christians when they practice what they preach)


  • d

    Since I am an athiest it has caused with some people I know.Some people can not deal with atheism.

  • panhandlegirl

    I think joining another Church/Religion is considered worse. I became a Catholic. When my jw mother asked me why I told her she was the one who had baptized me into the Catholic Church as a baby. All I did was return to

    my roots. That did not go over well. My jw cousins say I am like a dog that has returned to it's vomit. Oh well. Whatever. Two of my df'd brothers don't believe in God or the Bible, I don't know what they belive.


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