2 elders came to my home!!

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  • dawntodaylight

    Hello to all my friends here!! I want to tell you that I am on this site EVERYDAY! I just don't post very often. Quick update I have been inactive for 2 years. We just stopped going to meetings. No fade just stopped. We would receive a few calls from elders in the past. Maybe twice in the past. Asking us if there was anything they could do to get us back to the hall. I was always vague, thank them for their concern and the phone call and that was it. Never has anyone came to my home. Well then gueaa what happens last week while I was out. 2 elders came strolling to my home for a "shepherding call. I had a family member there who they try to question about her association to jws. Anyway they left their # for my husband to call them back. I really was upset about this. My husband said he isn't going to call them back. For what! Don't they get the point. In a sense I would like him to return the phone call to tell them not to come to my home unannounced. But that would probably open up a can of worms. I really don't believe the religion and I don't like the control that they have on their members. I don't answer to anyone except to my husband and god and that's it. Now I have to worry about elders coming to my house at any given moment. Has there been any pressure from society to get inactive ones back? Any elders here who may have insight on what I am to expect? And any inactive ones can you share any current experiences similar to mine. Your friend always Dawn

  • moshe

    Welscome d-t-L, if you call the elders, tell them to not come back unless they bring a member of the Faithful and Discreet Slave with them- or at the very least the telephone number for one of them. That should keep the elders away indefinitely.

  • flipper

    DAWN- Sorry the elders are bothering you & hubby. I do believe the WT society is amping up it's efforts to call on " inactive " ones as my older JW daughter just called an elder in my area to call on me over a month ago. I have never attended meetings up in this town - 80 miles from where I last attended ! They didn't even know I existed- until my daughter gave them my address ! I haven't attended in over 7 years !

    It may be that some of your former JW friends or relatives hinted to the elders to call on you, you think ? I think your husbands idea is a good one. Don't call the elders back , just ignore them. If they keep bugging you just tell them " thanks " for their interest but you and hubby are doing fine, don't need help. Then politely close the door. Good luck ! It's a pain in the rear isn't it ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • cantleave

    The elders are drones following orders. Just tell them you are OK and will call them when you need them. Mind you that didn't work with me, but I just had to keep opening my big mouth!!

  • Iconoclast

    I'm actually having the same problem. I pretty much stopped abruptly about a year ago. Now there isn't a weekend that goes by that I don't get a visit from an elder or a pamphlet in my door. It's really irritating. One elder actually asked us if we would go out to dinner with him and his wife. I told him no. The last time he came around my house, he started to berate us in front of his wife, who is the biggest gossip. I don't think I feel like subjecting myself to such verbal spankings.

    I tried the whole "I don't feel like going right now", "I'm fine and have no need for visits", ect. It didn't deter them. If anything, it solidified their assumptions that I need saving. If you figure out a way to get rid of them for good, let me know! That stuff is worth money!

  • straightshooter

    Put a NO TRESSPASSING sign up and that should stop the random visits by the elders.

  • skeeter1

    Perhaps your local courthouse will tell you when & how to get a restraining order against the 2 elders. I'm sure you have to put them on notice that you don't want then there, and then record when they go against your wishes.....

    There is no legal requirement that you talk to them or return their calls. But, there could be legal requirement on them when you write them (usually, via a certified, return receipt letter) that you want to be placed on a "do not call" list and consider any attempts after that point to be harrassment and grounds for a restraining order (provided your local laws allow it).


  • serenitynow!
  • nugget

    Usually they ramp up efforts around circuit overseer time. The best advice is not to engage with them in any way. If they call unexpectedly do not let them in , do not engage in conversation and keep it short. You are sorry you have plans and can't stop, you appreciate their concern, you are dealing with private issues and know where they are if you need them. Won't keep them from important business goodbye.

    2 elders is business 1 elder is concern remember that.

  • sizemik

    Where I live (NZ) it was common to chase up inactive ones following the memorial, absentees as well as those who had attended. It may have been your "annual" visit. If it's a problem . . . make the call and be firm . . . "we no longer wish to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, please do not call again" . . . that did it for me.

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