Soaring Gas Prices

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  • the prisoner No 6
    the prisoner No 6

    I hate to disagree with our English cousins, but Scotland is a major exporter of oil, and we have the highest oil prices in Europe, so I know how you Canadians feel, larger neighbour next door, your the exporter, yet your paying more for your energy costs than the USA.

    I sold my car one year ago, bought myself a bike, and have saved thousands, soon only the Rich or drug dealers will be able to afford cars, and where I live they are both, still the majority.

    Only downside, wife and daughter get all the money saved, I still look like a scarecrow, even though we are(THEY ARE) fairly affluent, IM still a tramp,any saved money goes on private tuition, and the make up counter at MAC, and her and the bloody daughter.

  • PSacramento

    I think that sometimes people forget that for some, driving isn't a luxury, its a necessity.

    And when Gas goes up, EVERYTHING goes up.

  • wasblind

    Y'all should know better, stop complaining

    the best way to fix anything is to do more

    field service

  • therevealer

    for me it has meant dropping the book study.

  • 1975

    We're getting to look like hamsters in a cage every year. Thank heavens for the dollar store!


  • wasblind


    are you sayin' that you no longer trust in jehovah to put gas in your car?????

    to make all those meetings, and to do field service ?????? you are truly weak in

    the faith, and should do more field sevice , that's the answer to everything

    more field sevice, spend what you don't have , go on and just do it

    better yet, call Brooklyn and ask for a loan if you feel Jehovah is takin' to long

    see what they'll tell ya

  • therevealer

    I'm okay with wading through croc infested rivers and walkin for hours back and forth but some how those gas prices just get me. Yes I can burn up gas in service (not really anymore thank god) run the heater when cold or air conditioner when hot but the gas it took to get to the book study even though it was only two blocks away, yikes no can do. LOL

  • B_Deserter

    The prices are going to crash and crash hard. The current prices are over-inflated, the result of wild unregulated commodities speculation (but is in the process of being regulated again, thanks to a law Obama signed back in October) that was prevalent over the course of the last decade. They're alread falling where I live. Last week gas was $4.259 and today its $3.999. With the price of a barrel of oil gas should be right around $3.25-$3.50.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    B_Deserter, that's good news. When's it going to hit the rest of the USA?

  • WTWizard

    A few basic ways to lessen the use of gas: Using common sense. If you accelerate too briskly, you waste gas. Staying at a steady speed is best, even if that is 75 MPH. You are going to get better mileage at 75 MPH if you are doing a steady 75 rather than going from 55 to 80 and back repeatedly. Another way to waste gas is to wait too long to upshift--accelerating to 35 MPH and leaving it in second is asking for an empty tank. Better to get into at least third gear as quickly as possible, and then ease off--and, if you are going more than 35 MPH and steady, you can put it in 5th gear (or 6th, with those new 6-speeds). I don't know how many witlesses think it's the end of the world to put it in 5th gear unless they are going 60 MPH or more.

    I also recommend taking fewer trips--combining errands. And when you do go, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Underinflated tires are a waste of gas, plus a safety hazard. Tuning up your engine improves your mileage--spending $80 or $100 on a tuneup can save you hundreds in gas. Lose that unnecessary weight--unless you live in places where May or June snow is common, you don't need that snow traction kit (especially if you are in the south, where May and June snow is almost unheard of). Do you really need that bag of traction sand or cat litter when it is 98 o out?

    Other things to look into: Walking, getting a good bicycle and learning to take care of it, or using public transportation. All of these use less gas than using your own car. If you car pool, that can use less gas per person--but not if you have to travel 80 miles out of your way to pick up someone on a 15 mile trip. Getting a taxi is usually the most inefficient option. And, if you need a car, use common sense and get one that matches your needs. A small car is not always the best option--making one trip in a SUV is better than three trips in a Prius or Fit.

    Of course, all of this should be put in perspective. Why is gas so expensive? Why is food so expensive? Why is clothing so expensive? I believe it's because the dollar is in a transition to becoming toilet paper. This is happening worldwide, but the Euro, British pound, and the US Toilet Paper Dollar are taking the lead. The Swiss Franc seems to be holding up better, but it too will eventually collapse. Just look at gold and silver--unless the pigs at JP Morgan go molesting silver prices (driving gold and commodities down, at least on paper), they are going to get a lot more expensive. Measured in physical silver, gas prices are actually going down. Even after JP Morgan molested the silver price by doubling the margin requirements on existing contracts (forcing sale of paper silver), physical silver is still worth more than $50 per ounce. (Just look at the auction sites and see for yourself what an ounce of silver is actually going for, or visit your local coin dealer).

    Finally, I am hoping this puts a crimp on the witlesses' field circus activity. They seem to waste more gas than anyone else, and they have all those stupid rules against hedging against inflation or making more money. They are going to be unable to afford gas when it reaches US Toilet Paper $6 or more a gallon, let alone a nonillion or more once hyperinflation blasts off. Since they don't believe in buying investment gold or silver, they are going to be vulnerable when that happens. Then, watch field circus plummet.

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