Soaring Gas Prices

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  • PSacramento

    Gas prices in Canada are, trypically, 80% tax or soemthing like that:

    Sales tax, road, tax, fuel tax, evironmental tax, transport tax, previlage to drive tax, damn, you got a car? tax, if you need gas you must be rich tax, etc, etc ;)

  • ballistic

    Just so you know, currently in all of the UK, Gas prices as follows 1 litre 2.29238 USD or 2.21070 CAD

    4.54609188 litres is one British Imperial gallon.

    3.78541178 litres to one US Gallon. British fuel in US Gallons is currently $8.68 USD

  • d

    This is why I prefer to walk.

  • undercover

    Apparently gas prices aren't high enough in the US. It hit $4 a gallon and still everyone is driving hammer down, drag racing stoplight to stoplight and 90mph on the Interstate in their over-sized, gas guzzling SUVs. Then all they do is bitch when they have to pay $80 to fill it up every other day.

    And subcompact hybrid drivers ain't much better. They think they're being all green and shit buying a Prius or Honda Fit but then drive the absolute shit out of them. I drive a sports car that gets decent gas mileage as long as I drive it easy and don't go pushing down on the gas pedal all the time. I get blown off the line at traffic signals by Priuses and Fits as they race to... the next stoplight. I ease up and the light turns green as I'm still rolling up and in 3rd gear and off they go again, pedal to the metal and hard on the brakes at the next signal.

    If people were really concerned about conserving gas, they'd apply the things they learned in driver ed (or were supposed to learn) about how to conserve gas, tires, brakes and wear/tear on the vehicle.

  • diamondiiz

    Canada sells raw material to US and then for most part we buy refined product - gasoline - from US. Our gas prices are higher than US!!! Out crude oil is also cheaper than what Europe pays because ours is heavy crude while Europe buys mostly light sweet from Middle East if I remember correctly which is something like $10 or so more than ours.

    I agree that Canadians should have cheaper gas prices than US or most of other countries since supposedly this resource belongs to the public while we're getting screwed over while the oil companies are making billions in profits. I have no problem with private business but when it comes to resources the people of the country should have some benefit. Royalties off of these resources just help politicians spend more uncontrollably without regard for the people now or into the future.

    I also understand where people in other countries who pay more for gas don't feel that we should complain here, but WE are the ones who have the resource while UK as an example is an importer and is dependent on others while we aren't. If UK was an exporter of oil it's people would look at this situation differently too. Middle Eastern countries as well as some other oil producers somehow are able to sell gas to their people at lower prices.

    One other thing to remember about NA vs Europe is the distances. Many can't comprehend the distances in this country. For me to drive from west coast to east will be something like 6000KM unlike UK which can be done in -?? Many in Canada drive to work 30 or more KM one way while that's quite rare in Europe.

    As for effects on me, well I guess there will be less seadooing this summer.

  • FirstLastName

    I live in Califonia and pay Bay Area prices. We do not have a good train (Muni sucks) and no subway. We are forced to pay. If I did not - I would not get to work. Everything is very spread out have to drive. Living in a highly cosmopolitan are would be a bonus if you could worlk and shop and live in the same area. Thats just not the case here.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    As mentioned, the fuel prices have driven up FOOD prices. First, because transportation costs are up. Second, because the ethanol that is added to gasoline comes from one of North America's primary staple foods: CORN.

    Corn prices go up, so do all the meat prices because livestock generally eat diets consisting in some form of corn.

    So it's awful. I'm glad I don't need to drive very far to work. I may even try cycling to work this summer; it would probably be good for my health.

  • ballistic

    If UK was an exporter of oil it's people would look at this situation differently too

    We were exporting oil for years - it ran out about 2005.

  • tracylee

    Food costs more, and I have a family to feed. I have noticed that my dollar doesn't go as far as it used to when I go to the grocery store. I'm glad that in WA state, I at least don't have to pay tax on food (our sales tax out here is about 10%, which is freakin' ridiculous).

    Gas is over $4 per gallon. I'm glad that I moved to an apartment where every place I need to go, including work, is about a mile away. If necessary, I could walk or bike to do all of my errands, which becomes more and more appealing everyday (the reason I don't is because my kids are still very young and it would be a difficult trek for them)

    I basically have cut back on the amount of food I eat, and avoid driving anywhere I don't HAVE to go to. The thought of going on a road trip makes me cringe now, but back when I was an undergrad it was practically a rite of passage! Sigh.

  • ballistic

    Our sales tax is 20% tracylee.

    People who said they are combining errands is good. It doesn't make sense, a world where people burn a litre of one fluid to go buy a pint of another.

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