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    In talks and in print, the Society never said that Armageddon WAS coming in 1975. They said, it would be extremely appropriate, marvelous things may happen, and if things seemed delayed maybe it could be because the 6000 years didn't start till Eve was created, and we don't know how long from the time Adam was created to when Eve was created.

    Official talks given by Fred Franz discusses this further (the author of the book "Life Everlasting in the freedom of the Sons of God", which started all the excitement about 1975):



    There's also a talk Charles Sinutko (a circuit overseer whose life experience was in the August 22, 2004 Awake pg. 19) was evidently reading too much into the Society's statements about 1975. This was one of the most forceful expressions I've heard regarding 1975, but it is not official. (I thought this was also on archive.org, but I can't find a link to it. Anyone have a current link?) From the sounds of people's experiences here, the excitement was stronger in some circuits/congregations than in others.

    On a somewhat related, and possible more honest note, in 1925 when Rutherford's predictions never happened, he admitted to the bethel family "I made an ass of myself" (w84 10/1 pg. 24 footnote).

    @Spade/SuperSpook/Maze et al.

    Jehovah's Witnesses simply reflected what's contained in the Bible and associated means of measuring where we are in the stream of time.

    If Fred Franz hadn't conjured up the 1975 idea, there would be about ZERO Jehovah's Witnesses who would have had the means or influence to come up with such a thing and spread their idea. Jehovah's Witnesses got that idea from an organization that teaches truth (or at least speculates truth in this case).

    Your mother was right when she said that only the spiritually weak left the organization. Jehovah's Witnesses that are spiritually strong don't base their spiritual endeavors on a pivotal date for the end of this system of things.

    And directly related to the point above, Jehovah's Witnesses as individuals would not be fixated on a "pivotal date" unless it came from the organization. There have been no issues regarding "pivotal dates" in the past 36 years because the Organization has stopped guessing dates (which also coincides with the full transition to the Governing Body arrangement in 1976, whereby one person's doctrinal ideas can no longer make it into print unless approved by the body).

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    The Finger

    In the book, "God's "Eternal Purpose" Now Triumphing for Man's Good" (Published in 1974 Watchtower Bible & Tract Society)and studied at the bookstudy in the spring of 1975. Page 51. It states "Evening of Seventh Creative Day Begins, 4026 BCE.

    On page 131 under the heading "Morning" of Seventh Creative Day begins, 526 BCE."

    "The first half or "evening" period of God's seventh creative "day" was now closing, 3500 years from creation of Adam and Eve. The morning of this creative day was due to begin at 526 BCE."

    I think the 1874 Presence of Christ idea that Russell believed was tied to the 6000 years from the creation of Adam.

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    The most disengenuous aspect of "official" pronouncements from the Society can be identified.

    It is in the positioning of the speaker/writer as a passive onlooker commenting on exterior happenings.

    This BYSTANDER MODE is clever by half.

    Why? It spoon feeds information without taking any active personal responsibility.

    Sort of an "Oh gee, wow--look at all this going on" stance, while taking a stand-offish tone, is printed in the official magazines and books approved for publication by the Governing Body as mouthpiece of Jehovah.

    Think about that. It is insidious incitement without responsibility.

    The person (likely Fred Franz) who crafted these bulletins had gone through several previous incidents of failure and disappointment and was WELL AWARE of the effect of any speculations upon Jehovah's Witnesses in the past.

    This makes what was printed all the more calculated and irresponsible in the extreme.

    It was a canny calculation. This mode of presentation was premeditated fomentation of a desired response!

    The built-in failsafe of plausible deniability smells bad from the getgo.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    This was one of the most forceful expressions I've heard regarding 1975, but it is not official.

    I have the audio of the Charles Sinutko assembly talk, so it must be available somewhere. It is on my other computer. I'll check it out and see if I can find a link. Why would an assembly talk NOT be "official"? This wasn't some local elder it was the Circuit Overseer who later became a District Overseer. If his words ran contrary to the organization they wouldn't have promoted him would they?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    No time to check the links (gotta get to work!) but this thread is about that talk:


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    I never believed I would survive Armageddon. Just being human was sin enough. ... My terror was real.

    Band on the Run, we are brothers separated at birth.

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    It was put in print (and I am going to let some of the crack researchers here find it) that humans were coming up on 6000 years of existence, and that Satan was being allowed to prove his case for 6000 years before he would be ruled against. We all know the way Satan will be overthrown as ruler of this world. Any good JW would be able to connect those dots.

    See also these experiences.


  • Terry

    Yes, the run up to 1975 was crystal clear and utterly exciting for everybody.

    It was like a Dungeons and Dragons game full of fantasy and imagination.

    We bought in and had a great time pretending it was all true.

    Except.....it wasn't.

    And that was a DRAG!

    And you wonder why they choose to forget??

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