To all the JWN moms

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  • wasblind

    In remembrance of my mom, and a message to my own daughter

  • snowbird

    I remember, WasBlind.

    $14.75 wasn't it?

    I'm too choked up to listen.

    Powerful, powerful.


  • wasblind


  • Lozhasleft

    Hugs @ you Syl x

    Loz x

  • coffee_black

    Thank you Poopsie! That is so sweet!


  • poopsiecakes

    Lil, Loz and Coffee...come here ladies

    Wuz my love, I didn't know you were a mom but I'm so glad you posted here and have been added to my list of wondrous mommydarlings.

    Sylvia, please please don't beat yourself up - the point I've been trying to make is that even when moms make mistakes, the love is there and uniquely momish (unless they're psychopaths but that's another topic).

  • snowbird

    Yes, indeed, Poopsie.

    The love was there, is still there, will always be there.

    Thanks so much for understanding.


  • snowbird

    Finally able to listen to and view video.

    Thanks, WasBlind.



  • Balsam

    Wishing all you Moms a Happy Mother's Day. I exited the WTS after my middle son died as a result of an auto accident and my husband refusing blood transfusions to save him. That was 10 years ago. My other two sons were 13 & 18 when I left their Dad and it was rough. I left my JW life and was disfellowshipped for divorcing my JW husband of 30 years. I had to work with my sons to help them see what the WTS had done to our family and the death of their brother. They were in denial in the beginning but with patience in 2 years they both had left. My youngest son is now in the Navy, married and living a happy life. My oldest son has a son and still struggles with life but he knows the WTS is nothing more than a high control cult.

    It's a struggle to leave the WTS but it is so worth it.

  • wasblind

    Thank you Poopsie, but I didn't feel left out

    because the WTS has affected the moms who were mentioned

    in the worst way, thankfully I got out before it damaged

    my relationship with my daughter, I could have gotten out

    sooner if I had of come to Freeminds, JWFacts, and JWN

    when I first started to study. My heart and admiration go

    out to the ladies on this board, because we all did what

    we thought was best, out of love for our children, and when we

    knew better, we did better we left

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