most depressing song ever

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Honey, a one hit wonder, was so sad and shmaltzy it became comical. One of the first few episodes of SNL parodied it. I still remember after all these years b/c SNL was utterly shocking then. Yet Honey this very bad song was number 1 for quite a while.

    Hurt has susbtance. Alone again naturally has some substance. Honey had nothing.

  • watson

    Charlie, one of my favorites too. If anyone wants to really see Lennon's soul...good place to start.

  • exwhyzee

    Having grown up as a Witness I expected to live forever...never grow old. In my 40's I began to realize that this wasn't going to happen. I tried to cling to my old indoctrinations but they no longer made any sense. I was coming to grips with my own mortality....all at once instead of a gradually over the years like most people. I went through the most terrible period of anxiety you could imagine. Although I loved Bonnie Raitt's song "Nick of time" it was very difficult if not impossible to listen to. The line "scared to run out of time" was the whole basis and theme of what I was going through.

    This next song covers a time period when I was in elementary school riding my bicycle, trying to be a kid during the turbulent 1960's and was taught to view the world scene as pangs of distress that would culminate in a cataclysmic event that I realized would kill my non Witness father. I was supposed to graduate from school in 1975 but was convinced it would never happen. For me "Stones in the road" captures what it was like trying to enjoy being a kid, but having the glitter of ones young life, rubbed off by adults who had convinced me that I shouldn't enjoy life too real life was going to happen, some other time. Time went on and I had to make my way in a world I was totaly unprepared to even exist in.

    I ran into a neighbor girl I knew at that time period. She said "remember all those serious discussions we used to have....why were we such serious little kids?" she said "I guess it was because of the 60's and the Vietnam war " I knew it was because she was Catholic and I was trying to save both myself and her from Armegeddon. I believed I would be held responsible for her life if I didn't warn her about it.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    This is a beautifully sad song~the english lyrics can be found~

    the song is about a most beautiful rose dying~

  • freeflyingfaerie
  • wasblind

    " I was trying to save both myself and her from Armegeddon."

    Hello there exwhyzee,

    I grew up worldly, and as a teen in the 70's my world didn't

    evolve around the end of times, but the latest fads, dances and songs

    yes , worldy teens can be very shallow, but it's a carefree time that only

    come around before the stresses of marriage and havin' children. It's

    ashame that the WTS steals this carefree time from the young by makin'

    them responsible for the next man's salvation, when Jesus is the only way

    yes the bible speaks of remembering your creator in your youth, but only

    jesus can save

  • freeflyingfaerie

    this shows Francoise young and older ( the theme of the song, anyway)

  • Nickolas

    Gloomy Sunday as performed by several artists but most notably by Billie Holiday in 1941. Also called "The Hungarian Suicide Song" because, as legend has it, it has inspired scores of people to kill themselves including the man who wrote it, Hungarian Rezso Seress.

    Dust in the Wind by Kansas would get my second vote.

  • unshackled
  • kazar

    Hank Williams - I'm so lonesome I could cry.

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