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    you can't use IE9 or iPhone to post, I believe.

  • 86theWT

    Thanks Pirata, didn't know that. Maybe my Firefox will work.

    Anyway, I have been looking online for a pdf of that notorious booklet from the early '90's I believe ("Should You Believe in the Trinity?"). Someone has done a good job of obliterating it. I would like to refer to it in some upcoming phone calls to a 'dub relative, and would appreciate if someone could hook me up.

    Thanks in advance.

  • WontLeave

    Isn't it available here, on

  • NeonMadman

    I'm pretty sure that booklet is still in print. Contact your local JW. But let me know if you get a pdf version; that's one I don't have.

  • 86theWT

    Wontleave, you are correct, it is on the WT site. It is, however, not downloadable and must be loaded from chapter to chapter. You could print it out, but a .pdf would be more helpful as I will be using Logos and/or Wordsearch software to organize everything.

    NeonMadman, I will indeed let you know if I am successful!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Someone has done a good job of obliterating it

    More likely, nobody has ever bothered to pdf it because it is available on the WTCD

    I did scan it ages ago, but wasn't able to pdf it.

    I would just save all of the html into a folder. You should be able to search that ok.

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    .... and Welcome to the forum too.

    You cannot tell a cult member they are wrong. They simply don't believe they can be. You might as well go to the beach and enjoy your life. You have to get them to talk themselves into a hole. You haven't got anywhere until they tell you they are wrong.

    They are taught that they are teachers, that they have the truth, and that they have a message that can save you, so ask a question.

    If you ask an awkward question they will try to change they subject or divert you away from discussing the scripture you quoted. There are numerous ways of doing this. Always ask yourself if they really addressed the question you asked.

    And keep it to one question. Don't give them a variety to choose from. They will pick your weakest one every time.

    Don't make a mistake. They will use it to trash your source or your character.

    ....and if you are trying to replace their current beliefs with another set of religious doctrines, you might really have your work cut out. Demonstrating that they don't have the truth is one thing, demonstrating that another cult is better than the one they invested their whole life following is another kettle of fish.

    Good luck


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